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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Little drama of late, comforting to know we are growing into each other well. My mouse is a wonder to behold as she emerges slowly from her past and meets the challenge of discovery unabated.

I had an exchange recently on my journal with J, who was commenting on my Henry Higgins quote that he was more like the colonel, with regard to how he treats people. Was I really more like Higgins? I asked my mouse this very serious question and she laughed. Had I asked something humorous? I did not think so, however apparent I had and further, was I to assume by her laughter that I was only audibly expressing what everyone around me seems to know? Am I Higgins? Or is the character rather a kindred spirit to myself? Then mouse sent me a little gem in my email box.

But I'm so used to hear her say, "Good morning" every day... Her joys, her woes, her highs, her lows, are second nature to me now, like breathing out and breathing in... I'm very grateful she's a woman, and so easy to forget! Rather like a habit one can always break... And yet... I've grown accustomed to the trace... of something in the air... Accustomed... to her... face.
--Professor Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady, 1964)

I laughed when I read it, maybe it was my good mood, but perhaps there was truth in that quote, a truth I find difficult to admit. I have always treated women somewhat in that careless way; a habit one can always break. Save for one, my personal Eliza, my mouse renea. And rather like Higgins I am in the process of reinventing my mouse into my perfection. While her issues are different from the ones Eliza displayed in the movie, do not misconstrue. At first I considered just undoing the damage done to her previously, however, I find that is not entirely enough. I want to soften the still rough edges, smooth them out and let more of her shine.

I hold dearly the one notion about women, all women in fact, if you first make love to their mind, you will conquer their soul. Yes, I mean conquer; one does not simply climb Everest, they must conquer it. I feel a woman's heart or soul, is very much like as that and while each is unique, all were challenging in their way. Some were more simplistic, and therefore easier, but others, like mouse, are difficult and just when you feel the area is mapped, the terrain changes. Not intentionally, but evolutionarily, as what happens with all God's creatures.

I find when sufficiently inspired and challenged I adapt well. I have been accused of being heartless, taking claim of a woman's soul only to run her through as it were. Notwithstanding the many women I have been involved with over the years remained, in my view, respectful friends, and continue to share with me how their lives continue to unfold, I can only gather I did something right. I will not delude myself that my success rate was 100%, however most left my charge better than they arrived, save for only one, which I could not save from herself.

I still do not know if I am more like a "Higgins," to that end, so be it if I am perceived that way.

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  1. in suggesting I was more like the colonel I was making an observation about myself and in know way meant to suggest that made you Higgins.

  2. Sir, everyone's been saying Omega is just like Higgins for years now--anyone that has ever seen the musical and knows him. EVERYONE! Even his secretary has said it! That's why I laughed when he asked it. I think I even said, "duh."

    (who is going to go hide now***giggles***)

  3. Thank you mouse.

    Now, I want my cane waiting for me when I come home, as well as my slippers. Hiding will NOT be an option.


  4. J,

    I understood the tenor your comment and was only reflecting on what I have heard in the past.


  5. fair enough if you are, you are might as well go with it.

  6. I've never seen this movie, but I think I shall make watching it on my to-do list this weekend.


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