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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And like that, the game changed....

Sometimes when Omega's eyes fall on me, it takes my breath away. I find myself lost in my mental and physical slavery to him. I am always his. The feelings overwhelm me and I want desperately to climb inside him, holding him, worshipping him. I submit everything I have, and everything to Omega; I can't help that. He takes from me and gives back more than I ever thought I deserved.

It goes so far beyond the play and scenes and my masochistic needs fueled by his sadistic ones. It beats in my heart, my very blood flows for him; I exist for him. For Omega. A few weeks ago these words might have frightened me, but today they don't. They don't scare me and I'm proud to say them.

Last night our mood was really good after my little surprise and we later took a bath together; I just kind of lay against him and told him how much I love him. He looked very serious for a moment and asked me if I really meant that. He took me by surprise, saying that to me, how could he ask that? Can't he feel me? He said yes he always feels me but that confuses him.

He can do magic tricks, he can palm things and make you believe he's pulling it out of your ear. He produced out of thin air a ring that I had seen before. It was in the box he brought back from New York. It's been on my bedside table since he gave it to me with the question that goes along with it, the question that I haven't answered.

He looked me and held the ring so I could see, blew into his hand and it vanished. He waved his fingers the way magicians do to demonstrate the empty hand. Suddenly I felt sad. Suddenly I wanted that ring and everything it represented. He looked into my eyes. Just like that, it was back and he again showed it to me and asked the question I was now ready to hear. He held my hand and slipped the ring onto my finger and softly kissed it.

And I answered, "Yes!"


  1. OH!!!!!! I am so HAPPY for you!!! WOHOO!!!

  2. Gray, Kitten, and cutesy pah,

    Yeah he did and thanks.


  3. I can see that I have fallen way behind on my blog reading. Congratulations!


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