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Monday, July 13, 2009

assignment for Monday

Again, me, staring at the cursor not sure what to write about. The weekend was fun; we saw some nice waterfalls and hiked to the top of one. It's water going over a rock. All right, a big rock. I'm not very outdoorsy. That was the big thing on Saturday. The night before I went to my friend Lucy's to help her with a party, the kind with teen girl theme.

Saturday night Omega watched some old movies which I posted about, nothing too exciting. Later we did go into our basement. It's getting easier, I guess. He's been tying me up.

Sunday was a nothing day, I started gathering a few things together for our trip (we leave early Sunday Morning); Omega went to the coast to do work on the boat. Two weeks of no internet or phones. I wonder if Omega can survive? The first week is going to be traveling then we're heading to a cabin his family owns for the second week. Did I mention no privacy? I don't know how I'll survive that but Omega is quick to point out that if he can live without his crackberry, I can certainly survive people around me.

Sunday evening we played, a little rougher than before but in the same way we've been. My shoulder hurts a little this morning.

Today, I'm spending the day cleaning the house. Fun stuff.

Today's assignment Omega wants to know how I'm feeling. *sighs* I don't know how to explain it, but since he started using the ropes, I feel more submissive I guess is the best way to describe it. It's not just about giving up the past but also control over the future. I know, first one then the other. He's also been more I dunno, I don't want to say controlling because it sounds so negative, but that's the best word. I'm happier now than I've been in a long time, more happier since I told all my secrets.


  1. Wonderful!! I shall miss reading blogs from you both the two weeks you are gone!! Surely you can stop in a library and post something *winks*. Yes, you can handle people, deep breaths. Have fun!!

  2. That could be a thought. I could get a little work done while mouse sight sees.

  3. that misses the point of vacation Omega

  4. Yes I realized that when mouse excitedly told me that she could easily hang out in a casino.

    All work and no play made a Jack a dull boy, I wonder what all play and no work will do to me?


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