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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Down the Stripper asked for it...

*******Omega has been informed this is one post he can't read*********

Omega had called and sent me several highly suggestive text messages yesterday while he was supposed to be working. He informed me he was actually at lunch reading a menu. I asked him how he could read a menu and text. He said he could do many things while texting.

That got me thinking. I texted him back asking what else he could do...He replied that he could make me cum. And then he did.

Now my mind was working in overdrive.

We have a stripper pole in the basement, well it's not really a stripper pole, he uses it for scenes tying me to it but same difference.

So, I threw together some songs on my iPod. Not a huge list roughly an hour of music...

The list began with Need You Tonight by INXS, and ended with Soul Kitchen (Patti Smith version)

I dressed in basically work clothes. A skirt, which shows off the curves, and isn't too long or short, a pretty pink cami, and the matching jacket nearly completed the ensemble. Professional looking...but not. With a black garter belt, and hose clipped on, no panties and sans bra, since the cami keeps the girls in place and rather stiletto pumps and his hat. Yes, Omega has a hat. It reminds me of something Sinatra would wear. Oh and I borrowed one of his ties.... The red power tie I love!

I tied that loosely around my neck in a half Windsor knot. I updated my blog knowing he'd see it just before leaving the office since he gets RSS updates sent to crackberry.

I made him a drink, and even got out a cigar...and just waited. Either traffic was light or he flew home. I could hear the dog barking, and him coming downstairs when I fired up the stereo. I had debated if I should crawl on the floor to him but decided that would be too forward. Instead I danced for him around the stripper pole, and removed the tie, handing it to him. Before he could bind my hands, I lit the cigar for him and handed him his drink.

I have never seen him smile like that. I removed the jacket, and climbed on his lap and gave him quite the lap dance, and had known about this it might have saved him a fortune. He discovered I have a talent. I wouldn't let him kiss me because; you know that's not allowed. However he had other ideas, because he quickly grabbed my wrists and tied up my elbows together using his tie. Now he had the upper hand so to speak and toyed with me miserably. Soon the cami was up as high as it could go, my skirt was up and I was grinding against him, occasionally he'd puff on the cigar. I moved myself off him and did a dance, and went down on my knees in front of him, then kind of bent backward (that wasn't the smartest thing but okay). He never stopped staring at my face and smiling, and it was quite clear he was enjoying himself. Not to brag but I do have other talents, I can undo any man's trousers with my mouth, buttons, belts, zippers, button fly...doesn't matter. Omega's pants are easy, once the belt is undone, they have these clippie things, and if I wiggle my tongue just right they move. Stick the zipper in my teeth, and his beast is released from its confines.

He did have to help somewhat and but that was easy enough, to allow me full access to all the parts of him I love. When I say I worship him I start with his testicles, licking them and sucking them, then I move up to tip of his penis and hit that spot with my tongue that drives him insane! I would have been happy giving him a full mouth fuck, but he wanted more. Just as the song Lady Marmalade was on the iPod (Patti LaBelle) and he lowered me onto him fully impaling me with him and I fucked him to the rhythm of that song. We slowed when that song ended and finished the set, and him with Soul Kitchen. It's a slow sexy version Smith does of that song.

The music ended just as we finished in a blaze of glory, like a crescendo, rising and the force was incredible. He wouldn't let me move from his body, and he undid the tie, and allowed me to wrap my arms around him. We stayed just like that for a while. Our bodies sweaty not just from the heat in the basement but from our heat. He grabbed a bottle of gin as I gathered my jacket and his hat, and that wonderful tie. He shut off the stereo and the lights before he kissed me sweetly and led me out of the basement in the dark.


  1. Wow, you are damn good!! And it sounds like he had a great time.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. That sound is me clapping. You go renea!

  3. whore. you do not deserve him


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