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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We're back!

And....yes we got married at a little chapel. It was just us and nothing is better than that. I wasn't nervous or afraid, it just felt too right. Too perfect. As though destined. I didn't wear white, because I didn't need to, and he didn't wear a tie. I wore a nice summer-like dress. My hair up. Omega placed a pretty flower in my hair. We wrote our own promises. I shed a tear or two of total happiness.

Omega spent the first couple days twitching with withdrawals but we did take one great side trip to Crater Lake! OMG the weather was incredible. Crater Lake was gorgeous! Just beautiful! I thought it was completely unplanned until I saw his margin notes, where it was written with a question mark after. Even spontaneity is scheduled. He did actually though start to relax a little bit though after we married and that was nice seeing him smile so easily. He even skipped shaving! That was weird. Oh and he actually has a pierced ear! I've never seen him wear an earring though. Yeah, he went a little pirate on me!

Our second week we were finally out of the car and spent a week at a cabin owned by his brother and sister-in-law (my inlaws). They joined us there and it was so much fun! We even saw a bear!

The only bad part of the trip was that Omega was fishing and fell off the boat (he was so not happy about that). The only worse part was coming home, the AC was screwed up because I guess the backup battery on the thermostat died so the house was hotter than hades (because the power went out). 105 outside and indoors it hovered around 90. We're still playing catch-up with the temperature in the house. Anyway that evening we took a cool bath together (that was nice) and then went to bed, but no snuggling because it was just too freaking hot. Anytime we moved close to each other the other would make a mad dash to the other side of the bed. Just like an old married couple???? He did sleep most of the night with his hand on the top of my head.

Meanwhile I've been busy climbing mount laundry. Tonight we're leaving again, this time for the coast and his boat in the hopes of cooling off.


  1. Congratulations to the both of you!! I'm so happy for you. =) Now get that AC fixed.. hehehe

  2. i knew it!!!

    Just like i told Omega... very romantic.


  3. Congratulations and welcome back. I missed you!


  4. Congratulations! And be VERY careful on mount laundry. Many have perished attempting to conquer that beast.

  5. Sending love and light your way, congratulations!!! both of Y/you

    Blessed Be!

  6. Hi,

    Congratulations! I've been following your blog for a while (it's helping me openly deal with my previous abusive D/s relationship - so thank you for that), and I thought I should wish you all the best in your next stage of life. You are a real inspiration at times ^.^


  7. Thanks everyone! And a big welcome to the people that have not posted before.

    Omega's mouse.

  8. congrats to you both!!

    hugs & best wishes,


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