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Sunday, August 2, 2009


Last day of vacation is always bittersweet. Life continues to move forward unabated. Often now I find myself wishing to slow it down a little. Today's agenda includes car shopping with mouse.

Keyword: deferment


  1. did I just hear ominous music in the back ground???

  2. Yes, and do not presume hearing thunder, as it is likely only me groaning.

  3. Car shopping? I thought she loved her car, did she finally give into getting a new one?

  4. You really don't like her car, do you? hahahaha

  5. Lost Kitten

    He left me with NO choice, he found out what the premium is to insure and flipped out.

    Yes, I love my car. We looked at several lots over a period of like 3 hours or so (though I'm sure he'll come up with a precise time). I just didn't see anything that excited me. We'll go again next weekend.


  6. mouse,

    I am confident I did not "flip out," I merely pointed out that it was ridiculous to pay nearly triple what I pay biannually. Especially when the car is in my not so humble opinion incredibly unsafe, which is also the opinion of the insurers.


  7. I'm sorry Master, flip out was a poor choice of words.

    Your words are, as usual, much better.

    your mouse


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