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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ah the weekend, time to rest, time relax and time to use engage in my favorite activity. Trapping mouse.

Keyword: invigorated


  1. Willing to elaborate on the whole trapping mouse process?

  2. First I had to catch her, then I tie her up. After she is thoroughly used up, and pleased me by her appearance, a crying matted mess of emotional stew. That is when I took out the violet wand, and yes tortured the poor defenseless creature, until it reached the point nearly breaking, then the creature is used again and again, and again...

    I did not allow the mouse to sleep until I said so, but she as exhausted and bruised quivering mess of rumpled flesh, pleaded for her release in the appropriate fashion, I felt a flash of pity for the creature.

    It was a nice evening.


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