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Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to life

It was a fun month but now it's back to the same stuff. Went to work, arranged my office (short day today) had a staff meeting and then left in Omega's car.

Ran a whole bunch of errands, big box warehouse shopping, grocery store, followed by a quick dash home to put everything away before moving onto, Target (the happiest place on earth) and the mall. Found myself a pair of D&G shoes that were 75% off and I passed even though they fit me perfectly. Instead I found a couple summery outfits suitable for work, and no shoes. I left all the receipts out for Omega to look over, just as he asked me to.

Then I cleaned the house, marinated the two trip tip roasts I picked up, and left them in the fridge (but will freeze them tomorrow morning). Made a dessert for the party on Tuesday.

Today's assignment

Omega asked me to think about why I'm so embarrassed to talk about masturbation. Ugh! Yes it's difficult. It's not something I would discuss with anyone. It's kinda private and something I don't do. I've never seen the point to it. Never had the urge to do it, okay that's not exactly true, I did used to a little but I always felt stupid. Yes I have issues and I'm trying to get over them.

I know Alpha wanted me to be circumcised because he felt it would make me a better slave if I were less focused on my own body, I could focus better on pleasing him. I read about how painful it was and chickened out. I didn't want the pain.


  1. wow, circumcised!! Are you glad now that you didnt do it?

    Shopping!! im jealous. We're starting major cutbacks here. With me out of work & layoffs coming with hubby's company....we're worried.

    Cross your fingers i find a job soon and He keeps his.

    Whats big box warehouse shopping?

  2. Big Box warehouse shopping, I am going out on limb but from the shear quantity of food in the house, I would guess 'Costco.'

    Fingers crossed Kitten!

    Believe it or not, mouse is conflicted on that particular issue as she saw it as something that stood in the way of her total submission to her previous owner.

    Naturally I hotly disagree with that point and have presented her with data regarding that particular form of female subjugation. I had not considered it part of her more apparent issues surrounding masturbation.


  3. Thank you Omega for clearing that up!! ha, costco...

    sometimes mouse is too cute for words!

  4. Circumcision is something that would be a limit for me. It would make me reconsider my submission. At least to my submission to the Dom that asked it of me.

  5. Everytime I hear anything about Alpha it makes me angry. *sighs*

    Personally I don't find masturbation hard to talk about in the least. I think it helps to remember most people do it! Its as natural as anything else. If you can't appreciate your own body how can you help anyone else? ;)

  6. Lost Kitten: Omega is right about everything. I only spent 60 bucks on the two outfits and at first I was sad that I passed on those shoes but then I found some others in my closet that fit perfectly and look great with the outfits.

    I hope you get a job soon!

    sin: It would be now much the same for me. I've worked too hard to take back all he took.

    Gray: I know. I'm working on being more know I what I mean.

  7. Gray I feel the same as you on all counts.


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