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Friday, August 7, 2009


Is it wrong to feel so happy?

After yesterday's *cough* incident with hot sauce, and Omega's relentless teasing about mouse droppings (he joked on his blog about changing the title of my blog to mouse droppings). I thought about the day and felt upbeat. Until Omega started sneezing, sniffling and coughing, generally complaining that his throat hurt and his body was aching. We slipped into a warm bath together and that was very nice. We did do some of our "work" and it was more the same. My reactions are improving.

Omega is assuming more control (not sure if that's the best word), but not at work. Though it's hard sometimes to look at him and NOT want to call him Omega. Though I do in front of his family, and friends, at work...I dunno. It seems unprofessional. Now the really weird thing is, his office is one floor above me, directly over my office. I can hit the ceiling and he can hear it. The offices, are in a maze and it's disorienting for me (I swear I need a GPS just to find the bathroom).

I think it will be fun working together though. I imagine that extra tie he keeps in his closet (yeah he gets a closet and his own bathroom--remember I need a GPS to find one), will put to some interesting uses.

The next issue is my name. Not talking about my mouse persona, my real name. Specifically my last name. My admin person asked me what I want to go by. I was like, huh? Do I take his name professionally, keep my own name or hyphenate. She asked me not to take a long time because she needs place an order.

After careful debate and discussion with Omega, I did decide to formally take his name in my personal life, and now it's my name in my professional one.

Just as I was gathering my things to leave work, Omega stopped by my office, and told me he was going home too. He asked me to pick some things up at the store on the way home, which of course I did. I got home to find him sound asleep. I stopped at this deli and picked him up some chicken soup. The only problem was he scared the hell out of cleaning lady.

The house is only half cleaned, so I had to do the rest.

We had a whole weekend planned, so hopefully we'll get to do some of the stuff.


  1. nope it isn't, good for you on all fronts.

    I hope the big lug feels better soon.

  2. well i hope He feels better soon!

    Congrats on taking his name! How wonderful. Its not wrong to feel happy, embrace it!

  3. I am so sorry to hear Omega isn't feeling well. but I think that is wonderful that you are professionally taking his name. *big smiles*

  4. I'm sure you're proud to take his name. Congrats.

  5. Hope he feels better. A sick D/ is a little awkward for me. Leaves me a little disorientated.

    My wife and I worked in the same office building for awhile. Stairwells are great meeting places. No one goes there because they are too lazy and take the vator instead. That leaves them vacant all the time.


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