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Sunday, August 9, 2009

It was one of those weekends

When nothing quite went right or completely wrong. It was I suppose blah. Not surprising Omega felt fairly rough on Friday and those feelings carried over until Sunday when he ventured out for longer than a minute.

He wanted to go out and do something but I had told him that he needs to rest (if he doesn't take care of this now, he'll end up missing more work). Keeping a Master that obviously doesn't want to stay in bed is hard work. However I was able to persuade him.

Finally today Omega woke feeling somewhat normal, and decided to go into work. I spent the morning cleaning up, and then went to work.

I did have one blond conversation with Omega. I mentioned this morning (in my defense I had very little coffee) that I need to my car back to dealer. He naturally asked why, so I told him that I think something is broken. Seriously I did think that. He asked what was broken I told him the gas gage wasn't working. I said I've driven the car everyday and it hasn't moved. It still says full.
He blinked. He looked at with his serious face and asked me to really think about that. I thought about it. I still didn't get it. He finally explained to me that my car gets 48 mpg. Even though I've been driving it all over the place, I haven't actually driven it enough to use much gas. Especially since the electric part is being used a lot.



  1. haha... cute!

    Hopefully you both have a fantastic week.

  2. I think 'fantastic' is over-reaching.

    mouse certainly has her share blond moments though I firmly believe they are bleach induced.

    I cannot fathom what tomorrow will bring us (she is getting a beauty treatment tomorrow which she hardly needs).

  3. Omega that is "hardly" the point

  4. That sounds like something I would say but I am actually blond so I have an excuse.;)

    Glad to hear Omega is feeling better!

  5. Thanks everyone, especially Sir J for pointing that out.



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