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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

mouse movie nights

Each weekend Omega rents a movie for us to watch at some point, if he doesn't rent one, he has one. Often it's something scary or stupid scary. Like The Creature from the Black Lagoon, or Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein.

Yes, some might call them classics, it's just not me. Occasionally he'll pick a Star Trek movie, which is nice of him but that's kinda rare. He kinda calls the shots.

So, a few days ago Omega asked me if there was anything I wanted to do that would be just for me, like getting my nails or toes done, something like that. I thought about it for a minute and said I'd like one night a week to watch a movie of my choice with him. I did hear a soft groan. He wanted to know if he could read while the movie was on. We entered negotiations. That was funny, he agreed that I get to pick the movie, he can read but he will sit beside me while it's on. No movies during the playoffs or world series also any important sports games that might coincide with the agreed upon night which is currently Wednesday.


He also does not need advance notice of the movie, however I need to keep in mind his SA issues which means nothing too gratuitous.

Suggestions for girl movies????

I've already seen the Notebook and Lake house recently on TV

I've got Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood coming...

What else???


  1. Divine Secrets is a pretty tough movie to start off with, you might turn him off from your movie night forever! I'd try I Love You, Man. It's a romantic comedy but it has some balls, so Omega might enjoy it. Also Thelma & Louise is a great movie about two very agreessive women...maybe not, you might get the wrong idea... :)

    My wife and I take turns. She picks corny romantic comedies, and I am sometimes surprised by how good they are. I'll look through her colection tonight and give you some more ideas. I pick moveis where nothing happens and she falls asleep. Not always though. She loved Seven Samurai.

  2. grins, Omega is gonna HATE me:

    Pride and Prejudice - with Colin Firth! HOURS AND HOURS of delight.

    Strictly Ballroom - totally best Australian film ever

    and for you AND Omega:

    Shoot Em Up - fights AND romance!

    ANY Die Hard movie (love 'em all, but for me, Die Hard 1 and 2 are Christmas movies)

    I'll definitely come up with more - and Omega, I HATE Fight Club ... there has to be very clear "good guys" and "bad guys" then I LOVE all the mayhem and scenes!

  3. selkie, Please not again with P & P! Thankfully she has already seen that one not too long ago.

    Tom, a friend suggested I love you, Man, and I already added it to main list of movies. Anything with words "Divine Secrets" and/or "Sisterhood" sounds a bit too much for me.

    All that said, I did agree to this, and must follow through. After all, it is just one evening a week.


  4. When the Time Travelers Wife comes out, you should definitely rent it.

    How about something like Princess Diaries or Elizabeth Town lol.

    Brokedown Palace is one of my favorites.

    If you hadn't asked I could have listed a ton. I'm a also a huge Disney movie freak which hubby hates. LOL

  5. Oh Mouse do you enjoy foreign films?

    There is a French one that I adore.


    There is also Bridgetr Jone's Diary.

    No need to thank me Omega. It was my pleasure. I have no doubt that you too will enjoy Amelie.


  6. *laughs* Only one night a week, how bad can it be Omega. *grins*

    I really liked Definitely, Maybe. Though Kitty is right, when The Time Travelers Wife comes out, watch it! It was really good.

    Have fun with this mouse.;)

  7. Well, if you like P&P I highly recommend Sense & Sensibility!

    Makes my dear husband groan and then quickly fall asleep :)

  8. Terminator trilogy. It is deeply emotional.

  9. s-h,

    Now that is a wonderful suggestion.


  10. Guys are so funny. I am giggling about the sensitive suggestion of Terminator.

    I loved the book Time Traveller's Wife but haven't seen it yet. If you haven't read the book, read it!

    I saw Marley and Me, cute movie.


  11. Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. I added them all, well except for those Terminator movies...

    sin, I read the book Marley and Me...OMG I actually cried reading the book I can't imagine seeing the movie, kwim?

    I want to see Time Traveler's Wife. I did get to see Julie and Julia and that was really good.


  12. mouse, I saw Marley and Me on a plane and cried. And the big yummy 22 year old hockey player guy next to me cried too.


  13. sin

    22yo hockey player...well shucks...okay I'll watch the movie...


    (hides from her Master)


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