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Monday, September 21, 2009


I often wonder how much effort people routinely put into their work.  If you need to ask if this looks "all right" chances are good it is not.

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  1. yeah btw does this look wrong???


  2. Lol someones fiesty! Must be in the air today!

  3. I wouldn't necessarily say it's not good if someone asks. Sometimes people just like verification or feedback. For instance, with me and my writing, I often ask for feedback. It's not because I'm not confident that what I've written is good. In fact, I don't ask someone else to read what I've written unless I absolutely love it myself.

    However, I also know that I might miss something someone else might catch, or maybe something I've written makes perfect sense to me since I know the back story, but for someone who doesn't know anything about the back story it might make absolutely no sense at all (wow... how's that for a run on sentence).

    I guess my point is... sometimes people might be asking simply to get someone else's input and feedback in order to improve on their work. That can't be a bad thing.

  4. Ugh, please don't talk about folks like me that way! I am constantly asking "does this look alright?" and "did that make any sense at all?". FOR ME it's more a case of not being able to decide if I have done exactly what someone wanted, rather than not putting my all into my job - lol!

    Some of us need *constant* reinforcement that we're doing things right. Some of us are perfectionists. Some of us can perform up to exact expectations only if we know what those expectations are - exactly.

    Yeah. Um....excuse me while I go... um ... do something else now!

  5. OMG Omega, you're scaring people..

    Seriously, he's not that bad really...


  6. Sometimes a person is quite competent and works really quite diligently and that someone's boss moves the target, forgets the initial assignment, and changes directions midstream without notice. I imagine you are not that type of someone, but they are out there. It's enough to make one stop asking if "this is alright?"

  7. Heh... I think my problem as an employee in that department was my attitude of "I'll do it to my standards and if they don't like it... well..." okay I won't finish that statement, but you get the general idea. However, I'm a bit of a workaholic and a perfectionist, so I never had to worry about it... much...



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