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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anger/Time Management?

I did something last night and it was a little stupid, maybe a lot stupid.  Could be defined as downright dumb, or incredibly smart.  Confused?  So was I when last evening Omega started discussing with me how to better organize my life.  Okay, it didn't exactly start that way it started with me asking him about how to I should handle two meetings I accidentally scheduled back to back in two different locations.  

What happened next I can only describe as a momentary lapse of reason.  I asked Omega to help me with my time management issues.  I feel it; I feel the people that have a basic understanding of Omega shaking their heads right now asking, "Why mouse, why?"

I don't know.  

For those of you who are new and don't know this Omega is a planner, nearly every moment of his life is programmed into his Blackberry.  When we go on vacation, he plans everything, does all the research and leave nothing to chance, he even plans his more spontaneous moments.  I know, I tried to explain to him that if it's planned, it's not that spontaneous.  It certainly isn't that he lacks spontaneity because I don't think he plans when we have sex, though I can't really be sure of that now can I?  He's also incredibly organized, everything in his world is organized, except for me I guess.  Maybe I'm just the fly in his ointment?

For the next couple hours Omega ran through my daily schedule and worked it so that I have actually more time.  I'm not sure I believe it but I'm willing to give it a try.  So, today I woke and while I waited for coffee, I went through my email accounts, tagged everything that required replies, and deleted the spam.  Then I made the coffee, and started blogging, which now I have 23 minutes to do.  After, I have to wake Omega (that has an open time allotment--so that my schedule doesn't cause conflicts with his).  While he showers (he can't use the treadmill right now because of his knee troubles), I'm to make breakfast, let the dog out, and eat.  I am to use the treadmill for at least 30 minutes if I have time.  I am then to shower and get ready for work.  It needs to be said he can be showered and dressed in minutes while I take longer, significantly longer.  As in he has no clue how much longer.  This led to scheduling problems, which were corrected by adjusting the time I wake (to create the proper offset).  Before I leave for work I am to throw a load of clothes into the washer, and set the timer so it begins around the time I leave for home.  

No more writing down notes on napkins or takeout menus, instead I'm to open my planner, and use that.  No more scheduling meetings using my little calendar that came free with card purchase from the local Hallmark store.  I am to open my planner.  I'm beginning to think that planner is important.  The planner will send me emails and text messages when I need to remember something.  How exactly it will know what I need to remember I'm not sure.  I need to just trust the planner.

I read somewhere by the year 2013 a computer will be smarter than the average human.  I wonder if it will need a planner?

When I get home from work, and errands, the laundry will be ready to be put into the dryer.  I am to then to go online to look for a creative recipe for NEXT day's dinner and take out whatever ingredients are needed.  

Then I am to do my other household chores, clean bathrooms, vacuum, dust...yay me!  Unless I have work to do.  After the chores are finished I may take a few minutes to answer emails, delete more spam, and ponder my next blog post.  Which I think will be more about anger management.

I am start cooking dinner and preparing the house for Omega's arrival at 6PM.  Yes, he actually wrote that in.  After dinner I am to set the table for the next day, sort another load of wash and place on top the washer.  Then I may offer my further services to Omega.  If my services are not required I can sit down.  

Sound like fun?  Yeah, me and my big mouth.  


  1. Wow.

    *whispering so Omega can't hear* poor mousie.

    Planners are wonderful things, but that degree of organization would drive me insane. It takes me HOURS to type a blog post, which is why I don't type them any more often! 23 minutes????

    But I do love my planner, I must say, and the busier I am, the more I love it. I just .... don't love it as much as Omega seems to love his! I also can't imagine having my day planned to the minute... oh well, to each his own, or in your case mouse, to each her Master's own... or something like that!

    Not saying another thing, just sending lots and lots of empathetic thoughts your way! (to mouse, not Omega, btw. Just didn't want any confusion here!)

    And if y'all don't realize I'm teasing, then I send deeply felt and vast amounts of apologies to both of you!


  2. mouse,

    Just give it a try for a week. For the record, I do not see your disorganization as a character flaw, which must be changed. Remember mouse, you asked for help, I am only providing you with guideline to follow until you find your footing.


  3. I can't live without my planner, I admit it. What's worse, I have TWO - my big daily planner and my purse size one. I have my purse one with me ALWAYS and my other one always at work and at home. I try to always write in everything and every night where I knwo I've written something n the purse one, it goes into the big one once I've had a moment.

    I need to stay clear in my head.

    It came with D. D. is you, mousie, LOL - although he's improved a LOT over the years, he was hopeless when we first met - I have always kept track of his appointments, his checkups, his planned events.... I write them on our kitchen calendar as they arise so every month is clear what is planned.

    D. himself finally got hooked on a daily planner a few years ago and now it is his bible...

    and I admit here, quitely, I am LIST-MAKER too ... sighs, there is no saving me.

  4. Oh man, this made me laugh first thing this morning. You knew the minute you asked him for help that you'd be 'sorry'. hahahaha

    While I LOVE the idea of organization I can see the stress of being on a time table. But if it gives you more time and things get done then YAY!

    Thank you mouse, you made my morning!

  5. Lol. Opposites attract. I spend my entire work life having to be organized, so if I can manage it, I try to plan NOTHING in my personal life. My wife is just the opposite.

    When we go on vacation, my plan is to "rest". By the time we get wherever we're going, she has a whole schedule worked out. After a few unpleasant experiences, we've decided that on vacation, we have "his and hers" days. On a "hers" day, we go do all the stuff she wants to do. On "his" day, I laze on the beach and do nothing, while she goes off and does whatever. All that planning is exhausting! lol

  6. schiava....LMAO (covers mouth quickly)

    I know just 23 minutes...thanks for everything...

    Omega...(smiles sweetly through gritted teeth) yes Master..I'm trying..

    selkie...Omega is the king of lists. I think his lists have lists...

    gray...I know....OMG what was I thinking???

    mikecb...No kidding about the opposites attracting. It's very true...Omega's the type that's always on the go.

    Thanks for all the comments...


  7. Darlin', you just described my version of hell. A highly productive hell but hell, none the less. ;-)

    Oh well. In for a penny, in for a pound.
    Go be the best over-organized mouse ever!

  8. I'm really surprised you asked O for that... as much as this post made me smile, it genuinely did shock me at first. But then again, we both were talking about how we let time slip away from us yesterday. Does that mean you have to pencil me in now? *frowns*

    Did Bride Wars even get watched?

    Not to be taken the wrong way but my first reaction was: Can i make a wager on how long you last before you explode... *grins*

    You can do it!! You never know, you really might like it, or maybe it you will discover a middle ground version of being scheduled. Many many hugs sweetie!!

  9. Mouse,

    If you end up with the same level of productivity in less time, I say it was smart. However, having just read your description of Omega, I do have one question...........

    When you open up his planner to the day in question and look down near the end of the day, does it actually SAY "Mouse will need to learn time management skills, 2 hours" Or was that just spontaneous?

  10. Jz...It's my version of hell too...

    kitty...LMAO---LMAO... Ummm yeah...

    I'll try to pencil ya in...Oy...Bride Wars was pretty good (yes we did get to watch it). Omega didn't mind since apparently Kate Hudson is on his "do" list. Me? Explode??? Nawwww...(i know)..

    Magnus Cattus Sir,

    oh good it wasn't in his planner...however, it has been on his random "todo" list for some time now. These lists are often sorted by month or by task.

    He just waits for me to paint myself into a corner and ask for help. And, he's quite happy he can cross that one off the list.

    Thanks everyone..


  11. You have the exact opposite problem that I have (well problem for lack of a better term and my brain isn't functioning well enough right now to think of another one). I'm the organizer/planner/list maniac, and Master, he's.... well he's not.

    That being said, though. As organized as I am, I can NOT stand routine. If I have to do something the same way at the same time every day, I go insane. I actually get depressed. I need variety. So while I always plan my days a day in advanced, each day is planned differently so I don't get bored.

    What makes it hard for me is when Master decides to change my plan at the last minute... ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... That's a bit hard for me to deal with.


  12. Wow Mouse, 23 minutes for a post?

    Idk, I have at least a dozen in various stages of incomplete at any given time. I remember years ago taking the class on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People coupled with some fancy planner. It was awesome and it worked like a charm but I still had extra hours before and after work to decompress. I need my mental break-time.

    However, I think it is possible and maybe with the support of Omega it will work very well. Part of me is actually envious because I am sure I could get any number of things done if my schedule was tighter. But geez - the reality of seeing it in writing was a little, chilling, huggs.


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