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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Assignment: Submission

Omega gave me an assignment and I'm working on it. Trying to put together so that it makes sense but my words aren't connecting to my fingers.

As you tell from the title, it will be about submission.

I was just in my early 20's when I was brought into this lifestyle by a man that lied to me about it. That's not entirely fair but he told many half lies. Some of the things he told me were true but only the ones that really served his purpose. Had he not dragged me into this lifestyle, would I be still see myself as submissive?

short answer is I don't know.

I'll hopefully have some answers soon.


  1. Quite a challenge, I'd say, but a wise question from a wisr Master.

  2. mouse, wow. Talk about soul searching. I'm going to be very interested to see your insights. I've often wondered about the motivation myself - is it intrinsic- there whether you like it or not, is it like a gene that turns on or off? and only on if "triggered", can submission be "taught" ad infinitum...lots to think about.

  3. not sure if this helps, but when my wife shows a half smile of satisfaction with something I have done, I feel pleasure. I know this is chemical. It brings me contentment knowing I am happy as a submissive to her and am being honest.

  4. That is a good question, had you known everything up front would you still be where you are today?

    I wish you had met Omega in the beginning, your story would have been so much different.

  5. mouse

    I am very interested to see what you come up with but if I may suggest, you might wish to ponder your personal time-line. I also realize this is no small task for you and I do wish for this to be fairly thorough. To that end, I only ask that you take your time with it and do not worry about rushing to please me. This, unlike many of my past assignments to you, has no real time limit.


  6. What a beautiful assignment! This will have You thinking about Your submission in general and to Your Master for days! mmm how sweet is that mouse! Great idea Sir! :)Love your blogs! ~briseis~

  7. Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. I'm finding it a bit daunting.


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