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Friday, September 4, 2009


Really I got nuttin to say for today. Last night was fairly uneventful. Omega came home exhausted from his day, took a shower and spent most of the evening resting on the sofa with a towel over his eyes (an indication of an EXTREMELY bad day).

This morning I woke him up the way I always do, he showered. Left me a list of tasks to perform while he's at work (I'm home and off now on every Friday). Ate breakfast and was out the door.

I guess I have a lot to do. Better imagine that whip cracking. I might come back later and update if anything exciting happens


  1. uneventful days are good!! Hopefully Omega's day isnt as bad as yesterday. Any weekend plans? I'm busy busy busy starting tomorrow morning. I want to blog but I dont have a topic in mind.

  2. Kitty,

    I spent two hours in Tarjay today. OMG what a madhouse! It was horrible but I think I found everything on my list. Well, almost.

    Weekend plans? Omega said something about going to the coast. But I heard the weather is going to be awful.



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