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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Politically Spanked

So, I was reading through some recently neglected blogs and came across Dante's latest post.  One of the comments mentioned that spanking since it's good for many things should be included in the healthcare bill, something I found of particular interest.  Then they further speculated that politicians should be spanked!  I know for a fact Omega would LOVE a chance to spank a few he's often said that some of them NEED to be spanked and I won't say which ones...Let's just say he leans toward the more conservative side of things.  

It did get me wondering with my tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek, if politicians thought their misdeeds would cause, instead of just an outcry, but a more corporal punishment like a spanking, would they do a better job at working together?  

Should congress be spanked?  

Technically speaking we do when we don't vote for them. However since they rarely listen to what we want, why not just really spank them when they don't?   If they don't learn from that then vote them out. 

I think it would be kinda funny...Wonder if C-Span would cover it?  Bet it would increase their ratings.  

Then I came across this little tidbit...

Obviously this guy like spanking...Maybe he should just be publicly spanked...Oh well not by his own actions.  But literally spanked.  The Govenerator should get right on that! 

NOW that would be funny to see.


  1. LMAO... I always thought we should just throw them in a boxing ring and let them hash out the worlds problems and other issues that way, but I like your idea better!


  2. My only fear is that they'd all like it and we'd be in a bigger pickle than we are now!



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