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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Part of power exchange is give and take, and Omega rarely takes more than I can give. There are many things he would like for me to do but he also understands that such changes are hard unless you are totally motivated from within to do them. Like eating healthy, getting exercise, etc.; but for god's sake don't mess with my morning cup of coffee.

I have a Krups coffee maker and it is a wonderful thing to wake up in the morning and have a pot ready to go. As a backup I also have a very low tech French press. Fine I'll agree that between the two the low tech press makes a far better cup of coffee. Omega agrees and prefers one excellent cup of coffee than a pot of mediocre.

Now this is fine for him, but it also requires me to think BC *before coffee*, I have to wait for the water heat, grind the coffee beans, then pour it in, wait three more minutes, stir and press. By the time this is accomplished, I carry the cup upstairs, with only a sip inside me, and wake Omega. Who drinks the rest of my coffee while I'm otherwise occupied. I can already feel a screaming caffeine headache coming on. His reply is simple, "wake up earlier mouse." I groaned softly and he swatted me hard on the thigh, asking me if I had anything else to say.

I buttoned my lip. I was disgruntled. It was unfair. However, he was also right. I could wake up earlier.


  1. I have the solution. I too have a French press- one cup AND a second one which makes THREE cups ...

  2. I like it! Thanks selkie!


  3. I love my coffee but I'm too lazy to get up and make it. Luckily hubby doesnt require coffee for his 4am morning commute. My problem is I go to bed late (night owl) then he gets my up at 430, often with 3-4 hours sleep which is NOT enough. So i fall back asleep for another 3 hours which still isnt good because its not SOLID sleep. I figure either way I'm screwed LOL. Going to bed earlier is always the plan and never achieved.

  4. thank goodness Mr Right prefers to make his own coffee! and of course, I can always go to the Coffee Shoppe where my coffee is made for me.

    Having said that, I have a Senseo into which I place a pod of my favorite flavor-Vienna-which is a hazelnut mocha blend, which I top off with SoySlender chocolate soy milk and one package of sweet and low. Mr Right prefers coffee flavored coffee, so I don't have to worry about him drinking my cup.

    After the days of having to get up at 4am in order to exercise, get ready for work, get the kids ready for work, you'd think I'd know that getting up early makes the morning go more smoothly.

    *shrugs* I guess I didn't learn much because I'd still rather sleep in, and run like crazy to make it to the Coffee Shoppe in time to see Mr Right before he leaves for work.

    Sounds like you just need to carry two cups into the bedroom so Omega doesn't drink yours.

  5. Why can't you program your Krups to have a cup ready for you to enjoy while operating the French Press?


  6. These are all very sensible suggestions but I think I'd just be gulping more coffee on the way up the stairs...


  7. I'm with JZ. Drop an ice cube in to cool it down enough, drink 1/2 - 3/4 on the way up the stairs.


  8. Isn't it just great that each morning You can start Your day off serving Your Master? How truly lovely is that! What a beautiful start to each day! Love your blog!

  9. selkie, I like that idea, I did start getting up a bit earlier, then I could down the first pot, and start the second. LOL

    kitty, I know the feeling last night we tried to get to bed early but it just didn't work out.

    cutesypah, I'm with your Mr. Right, I like coffee flavored coffee! LOL Omega saw your comment yesterday and scoffed at the two cups idea, because when I wake him up, my mouth is busy with other things. And holding two cups while I do that...just might be deadly. ;-0

    Denise, great suggestion except the krups in the garage, Omega really hates it, the carafe leaks when you pour it and he isn't fond of the coffee it brews anyway.

    Jz and S-H, that's exactly what I've been doing...LMAO

    briesis, yes it is wonderful (99.910% of the time).

    Thanks everyone!

  10. I think I am with Omega, get up earlier. *laughs* but I am a early riser no matter what! ;)


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