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Monday, September 7, 2009

Soothing Sunday

Master and I for some odd reason woke up hideously early on Sunday morning and decided our bed was so nice that we would just stay in it all day. Well, our bed isn't that great but what the hell, we decided to anyway, since rain was forecast for the whole day and it was in fact already raining. I told Omega I'd make some coffee (and check my email) and I'd be back. I not only answered the emails but caught up on my blog reading, made blueberry muffins, and hard boiled several eggs. I was feeling very alert and organized. I guess I was "on" but I don't know why or how...

Anyway, the muffins were finished, and warm from the oven, I placed them in a basket wrapped in a pretty towel, and set a tray, with coffee cups, the full pot of just-pressed coffee, one hard boiled egg (Omega likes a bit of protein in the mornings), and yogurt cup with some homemade granola I made a few days ago. I carefully carried it all up the stairs. Omega saw it all and smiled brightly switching off not only his laptop but the TV too. Wow!

The morning news is kinda over-rated anyway. I served him coffee first, and we ate a little, fooled around a lot, then napped, and repeated the cycle for the whole day. Eventually, we showered, dressed and left the room. The poor dog was so confused (Omega tossed him out of the room). We decided to go out to an early dinner then returned home and went back into the bedroom, we watched a movie, and just relaxed. Later after more great sex, we took a bath together. We talked most of the day and when we weren't talking we doing other stuff, so by 11 PM we were actually tired.

I have to admit it, but I've never had a better Sunday before.


  1. Now that is a very lovely sunday!!:)

  2. sounds like an absolutely perfect day to me...

  3. Gray and selkie, It was soooo perfect..

  4. a rainy day spent in bed with the one you love to serve - priceless.


  5. Personally, yesterday was the total opposite and fantastic. However, we've decided to spend labor day watching movies, ordering chinese, and rolling around in bed. Lol, shaping up for an award winning weekend!! I'm so glad you two took a day to lounge around and worship each other. You both deserve it!!

  6. I love days like that. It's supposed to rain here tomorrow, so I'm hoping we can just have a lazy day and just sit around watching movies. We bought some new ones last time we went shopping, but we haven't taken the time to watch them yet. Master and our daughter are both sick, so it will be a perfect day for it.


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