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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chore overload

Omega gave me extra chores to do so I won't have time for a long post.  

So, I'll be busy replacing bedding and doing lots of other chores, like taking out the winter stuff and airing it out, putting away the summer stuff.  Summer was wonderful and I'll miss it, but can't help but to look forward to the fall months.  This weekend Omega promised to take me to a corn maze, a haunted one and a haunted house.  I can't wait.

See everyone tomorrow. 


  1. Extra chores?! Come on Omega!! We need our daily fix of mouse. :P

    I hope the Halloween events are a blast for you two. Me, I am such a scaredy cat. hahah I can't wait till Halloween is over!

  2. Good luck today. I keep hoping that we will get to the end of the to do list and be done. Never seems to happen though.

  3. I always love when the seasons change even though I miss the warmer months, I just adore the warmer bedding and sweaters so soft!

    The corn maze sounds like fun!!

    Enjoy :-)

  4. oh, i love fall. getting to wear sweaters again, the trees changing colors, a break in the summer heat :)

    have fun this weekend!

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun! I hope that you have a really fantastic weekend!! Fall is the best time.

  6. Oh extra chores suck, but the corn maze sounds cool. Can't wait to hear about it! :-D


  7. Thank goodness, I am on brain overload here getting caught up with you and everyone else.

    But I guess that means I can dismantle a couple of beds this weekend as we continue this death march to closing.


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