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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Slugging it out in public...

My cell phone started ringing at 6 this morning.  Which reminds me I need to seriously switch around some of those ring tones I use.  Anyway a couple of my friends are arguing, and they took it their respective facebook pages.  

Both are emotional and being hyper-sensitive and I truthfully I don't care but I'm being asked to pick a side.  I see both their points, but I don't want to deal with it.  They unfriended each other but are continuing to go on and on about their argument, which shows up to me as "status" updates.  

The problem is facebook isn't just for close friends and family members anymore, random people you haven't seen in years find you there.  Their children are on it, as well as people they work with.  I don't know if I'd want my boss to see me calling another person a bitch.  

Maybe I'm wrong and it just becomes background noise that no one pays attention to anymore.  Like that stupid "poke" action.


  1. Is it slam facebook morning? I've been slammed publicly on facebook and its so wrong . I didn't slam back, I just blocked and moved on. The best thing that I appreciated when I was in a spat with an ex-friend? That our mutual friend stayed neutral. At the time I wanted her to defend me but, I also realized how she stood up for me by not defending the other person as well. She listened when she could stand it, and didn't take sides. Today, I still don't take to the other girl but my best friend is still my friend. I believe our frienship grew stronger because she chose to let us fight our battle alone, and played her role as the sounding board. In my experience, you only lose when you take sides. It hurts the person who's side you don't take so much that forgiveness comes much harder.

  2. sighs... drama queens never die, they just get facebook. I feel for you and would bluntly tell them I'm not taking sides. I did exactly that when my brother in law and sister in law broke up -

  3. My 17 year old niece is always fighting with everyone on Facebook. It's like being back in highschool.

    Stay neutral, they will probably be friends again soon.


  4. Kitty, exactly why I'm staying out of it. Sunday morning is my ONE day to sleep in. I really didn't appreciate being woken that way, and I'm sure neither did Omega.

    Yup and thats exactly why I didn't take side.

    selkie, right now they're both peeved but they'll get over it or not. This is why I didn't have a lot of girl friends in high school.


  5. sin yup...that's what I'm doing and you're right, it is just like high school...


  6. You're so right. It's still a public place and you should present a public face. People forget that bosses, potential bosses, gossipy co-workers, really ANYBODY can see what's there.

    Like when my boss read that an employee had she called in sick to stay home and work on her garden...

  7. OMG... I hate it when people try to put you in the middle of their arguments. It's so damn childish. Makes you want to just slap them and tell them to grow up, doesn't it?

    I don't get involved in people's arguments with each other. If they want to vent, I'm happy to listen as long as they understand that I'm not going to take sides. And if they ask my opinion, they had better be prepared to hear the truth. LOL


  8. Jz, YUP...ABSOLUTELY! I'm seriously thinking of getting twitter and following some of my employees just for that purpose. Bwahhahhahahaa because they're getting smart about what they put on their myspace pages.

    spirited...again yep..I can't stand being put in the middle or should comment with this or that...



  9. should read myspace and facebook pages....

  10. Mouse,

    Thanks so much for this post. I feel so validated. I don't get faced on facebook because I don't have a page, I don't tweet like a twit because I've never even been to the twitter site. And I still turn my phone off at night when it's charging, so no one can call me between say 10 pm and 6 am. Further, I'm perfectly willing to not answer the phone if you call and I'm busy with something else (That drives some of the people I work with completely bonkers. "You gonna answer that?" Uhm, no.), and even if I do answer it I am willing to tell you I'm way too busy for this shit. I sometimes worry that in these times the CIA or the FBI has me flagged for no other reason than if you type in my full legal name and address you can't get a google result that is the real me (I was surprised how many people share my name though, cuz it's a bit more unusual than John). The ironic thing is I'm self employed, so technically my boss knows where I am every second of every day anyway.

    Figures. I still can't win.


  11. Whenever the mood hits my Mother, yes my Mother, de-friends me. It has become a running joke. Thank goodness we see it as light and funny or it could turn into something ugly very quickly. We are tied into several church groups and relationships so slamming is seriously frowned upon. However, my nieces and nephews have shown me some incredibly hateful things others have said to each other on line. Unbelievable. I constantly remind them, even to the point of sending links to on-line stories; impolite behavior on-line will follow you. Even if you think you got away with it, you probably didn't. We are adults, adults don't pick sides. It will eventually blow over.


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