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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Tool Box

When Omega came into my life he brought many things with him.  Some of them were completely part of the package, and not much else to say about those.  There were boxes and furniture, other stuff like that.  And while his toy arsenal was appreciated, I hadn't anticipated his tool box as being something almost as important.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying I'm not capable of putting up a shelf, in fact I did once, and it's still there, well as long as you don't put something really heavy on it.  If a facet is leaking, or if I'd like a dimmer switch put installed, I'm just not the one to know how to fix it.  Recently I installed a wall mount for a small vacuum cleaner, well I kinda did but stripped the screw.  I had put it in too deep, and needed to reverse it.  I was turning it and turning it but nothing worked.  So, I was stuck with these two odd looking screws sticking out of the wall.  

Omega saw it and knew right away how to fix it and did, and now instead of those odd looking screws the vacuum cleaner is mounted instead.  The dimmer switches installs almost at once and without the electrician price that would have come with it.  That leaky faucet fixed, along with the cabinet door (I could NOT figure that one out) that was loose.  Owning a home is much more than paying a mortgage and buying insurance.  It's about maintaining it and I'll admit now I was doing a fair job at best.  Another example, I never once had my furnace cleaned. Yeah I know.  I don't remember my parents ever doing having a furnace cleaned.  I guess I just figured you didn't have to.   When Omega and I started living together he looked at it, asked when the last time it was serviced and after hearing the answer closed it up.  

He added, "Call furnace company for winter heater tuneup," to my 'to do' list.  I asked him why because it worked fine last winter; I change the filters regularly, etc.  He said reminded me that furnaces are expensive to replace.  So, I did, and I was kinda shocked, this needed replacing and that and without said repairs the furnace was not only a hazard but actually didn't work!  The igniter thingy was broken.  Of course I wouldn't have known that until I actually went to use it.  Yes, it along with other things that needed repairing will end up costing me around 800 bucks when all is done, still much cheaper than buying a new system.  The furnace man reminded me that the furnace should easily last another 30 years if it's cared for.  

I didn't mean to be neglectful I just didn't understand how important it was.  Same could be said for cleaning the gutters.  I would have them cleaned when they started resembling flower boxes rather than gutters.  Sir J, stop shaking your head!  Seriously you can.  Thank you.

I was ignorant.  I plead a total lack of understanding that exposed wood is far worse than a painted surface even if the shade of white doesn't exactly match.

I understand it now.  

When Omega came into my life, he brought with him many things each special and none I would replace for anything.


  1. Through undergrad, my summers were spent as a handyman. I earned a kings ransom. One lady hired me to change a lightbulb. 2 hr min @ $12.00 per hour. The bad news is my wife knows my skills and puts them to her use FOC now. Ceramic tile and painting are two trades I particularly dread. Karma is a bitch....


  2. I've paid a kings ransom to have little things done....OMG...I'm sure you understand.

    LOL about the painting and tiling. I can't paint worth a darn...and tiling...well I actually tried that once, and the result wasn't too bad. But really brutal on the knees (I helped a friend tile their kitchen floor once).


  3. when I read the title I was expecting something totally different. Yes I was shaking my head and yes I am still laughing.

    Have to run now that reminds me, I still have a little work on the house to do...

  4. J Sir,

    I remember clearly your post about your car, and something else about a pen...

    When I started typing this out this morning my only thought was OMG Sir J is going to, at the very least, shake his head, and at worse he's going to laugh. BTW, so did Omega when he read it.


  5. I am just as guilty as you are mouse about things around the house. :)

    Though gutters being used for flowers would definitely be motivating! heheh

  6. Mouse,

    Do me a favor? SHUT UP!!!! I make my living as a handyman! If you go telling everyone that they can do most of this stuff for under 20 bucks and half an hours verbal instruction at Lowes I'll never be able to spoil the Ladies!!

    O.K. You can relax now. I'm teasing you. The truth is, most people pay me not because they don't know how, but because they don't want to know how. By the way, have you winterized your outside garden hose bib? If that freezes and cracks the pipe, the resulting bill will ensure you never forget again. I've met some pretty kinky people in my life that were turned on by all manner of things, but I've never met anyone that got off on writing out a check for a big and unexpected repair.


  7. All,

    I must comment when mouse revealed he was writing about my "tool box" I said, "I beg your pardon?" mouse just looked at me and smiled, replying, "not *that* one silly."

    TC thank you for reminding about the hose bib, I need to take of that soon. Well before the first real howl of winter.


  8. Gray -- I was shocked when I saw them earlier this year and admonished mouse profusely. They looked like odd window boxes filled with tall grasses and weeds.



  9. oh my, mouse!

    I SO very much hear you on this one.
    I inherited an aging house and all the maintenance headaches that come with it. This is just not the sort of stuff that's intuitive to me. Perfect sense when explained, but until that point...

    BG comes over and says, "Well, all you gotta do is respackle the framus support and tweak the oppositional whirlygig and you'll be all set!"
    Yeah, sure.
    "Do you have a multi-nibbed electro-planer?"
    I am reduced to blinking owlishly at him, while nodding my head and firmly committing the gibberish he just spoke to mind, so that I can google like crazy when he leaves.

    It's a hard life, sometimes...

  10. You know Mouse, if you like the look of the gutters with plantings, I had a woman ask me once for a cheap idea for a planter box she could use at her condo. She had about 12 feet of railed deck to work with, and I had some left over plastic guttering in white. I cut off 11 feet, added the endcaps, attached it to the rail, filled it with dirt and voila' A one piece flower box for about 20 bucks. I had to laugh later. I'm convinced she spent $100 on the plantings she put into it. She does claim though that most people don't recognize it as gutter unless she tells them. One day I ought to write a book on alternative uses for guttering.


  11. Gray..yup what O said...

    Magnus Sir, Thanks for the hose idea, normally I just kinda wrap it in a kitchen towel.

    I dunno if I really liked the whole flower gutter box look..LOL

    Then again it might be cheaper if you need a really long one.

    Jz...YUP YUP....that's the language they all speak...


  12. Heh... and if taking care of the house maintenance wasn't bad enough... what about the car?

  13. Lol, this is actually on my 'Mr Right' wishlist. I can make a lot of repairs around the house. I've worked in construction but I really do see it as a man's job. And yes, I guess that is sexist but what's a submissive girl to do if she can't be openly sexist :)

    Now here's my question - can submissive girls have toy boxes or are we supposed to expect 'Him' to bring the toys?


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