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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When it's right...

I wrote a few days ago that my slavery to Omega is easy and I've been thinking about that a lot.  I know "easy" isn't exactly the right word but I can't think of anything better.  Even when I'm punished by him for whatever reason I've done to deserve it, it's easy. Not that punishment is ever easy, it's not and not supposed to be that way.  It's hard and painful and sometimes it goes on longer than I would expect.  But still it's easy because I understand why.  I get it.  

Omega is always straightforward about what he expects from me and honest about when I fail to meet those expectations.  It's not perfect and I'm not and neither is he, but still when we're together it's easy.  I've woven myself around hm and I swear there are moments I can't tell where he ends and I begin.  I find myself depending on his guidance more and more, and here's the weird part he also depends on mine.  Yeah me.  His slave.  

Why?  Because he values what I have to say.  

We listen to each other.  Yeah, I make mistakes and so does he, but we work passed those, and press forward.  I life is really freaking good.  Even when I do something stupid and end up with a punishment because of it.  While I'm being punished I feel horrible, but when it's over, I feel like the world has been lifted from my shoulders.  I don't want to disappoint Omega, I know I screw up sometimes.  Through all that I never question what I am to Omega or ask why.  He explains all thoroughly before hand and makes certain I understand the why.  

It's also not often.  And I learn from it.  

The maintenance helps too, for me to keep my balance and I get that it's not for everyone.  Some don't need it, and if you asked me when Omega and first started if I did, I would have said nope.  Not me.  Now, okay maybe me.  He wasn't one to do that either, but has in the past when he believed it would help.  I trust his experience.  Sometimes I know I frustrate the hell out of him, but I also think for the most part the harmless frustration he sometimes feels he actually enjoys somewhat.  I know not everyone changes their bedding with the season, including bath towels, rugs, pillows and everything else.  I have more towels than that chick on Friends.  Often he looks at me like I'm a wide-eyed child and cannot believe some of the things I'll say.  

I'm thankful for my life.  


  1. Mouse, I love the way you describe your relationship with Omega. It's wonderful that you two fit so well together.

  2. it is exaclty the little idiosyncracies- yeah, even the irritating and frustrating ones, that endear us and entwine us in the knowledge of them.... as D. used to say, you're a bitch S, but you're MY bitch LOL

    One of the most salient points I think you make is that Omega ensures you UNDERSTAND the whys and wherefores. It is in the not knowing, the confusion and unsureness that creates despair. As you say, you can deal with consequences if you know what they're for.

  3. Mouse,
    Your posts almost always give me a lot to think about. I really apprecaite that. The realities of your life are your own, but the humanity of your relationship is, i think, what a lot of people strive for.

  4. Mouse,

    I agree with what other commentors have said, but wanted to add that I am happy to see you point out that he values your (Yes, the slave) opinion. That was one of the many things that really bothered me when we were involved in D/s. Submissives were apparently assumed to be stupid. You know what? One of my ladies handles several MILLIONS of dollars of business every year for the company she works for. You probably use some things at home she dealt with. The other one builds some of the most advanced equipment for scientific research that has ever existed. I guarantee you've seen projects she's helped build in the news recently as well as referenced in at least one major Hollywood picture and at least one SYFY channel tv show. These women are a long way from stupid. It doesn't make you "Domly" to refuse to acknowledge the intelligence of your submissive. In fact, I believe refusing to acknowledge the intelligence of your submissive would make you the stupid one.


  5. A beautiful post dealing w/the intricasies of every day life for M/s...truly of anyone "in relationship" with another.
    Thanks for your wonderful post!


  6. Your post made me smile. I get it. It's easy because you complete each other. Perfect balance and harmony :-)


  7. Ally--Thanks so much!

    selkie--absolutely, I can so much better deal with consequences if I understand the issue.

    greengirl--thank you so much for that!

    Magnus Sir--very well said, er ah written!

    Nilla, welcome and thank you! I hope you continue to read and comment!

    CK--Exactly and I'm very lucky. I'm also happy that it comes through so clearly.


  8. If it's right, it is easy.


  9. I am refreshed by this site! You've touched on so many things I want for my relationship (realness). To complete each other and be accepting of what is…is just fucking beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your journeys, I’m inspired, joining!


  10. I know you like The Grateful Dead, but may I suggest The Eagles to accompany this post, 'Peaceful Easy Feeling'.

  11. it is always great when 2 people fit each other and feel very comfortable together!
    thanks for story!

  12. CD, I love the Eagles too. They're another "go to" band favorite of mine. LOL I sing along with every song.

    Mustbebest, thank you!


  13. I know exactly how you feel. My relationship with Asha is so similar. When you're with someone you love and trust it makes things so simple. You never have to question where you stand and you know if you do have questions that it's okay to ask them.

    I love reading about how you two relate with each other!




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