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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

# 132

There is nothing more taxing on ones ego than realizing its insignificance.

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  1. At a certain age, that disappoint may dissolve. Once you realize your own insignificance you either adjust to it and enjoy the rest of your life, or you become unwound, dye your hair, find a trophy wife and a new job, and have a miserable life.

  2. In my spiritual life, that is one of the first things I learned... the insignificance of my ego... the insignificance of my life in the grand scheme of things. It's not an easy realization to make. It starts you thinking... well why bother?

    Then one day I decided... you know what? The grand scheme of things doesn't really matter to me. I'm right here, right now... and there's a lot I can do to make a difference in my life and the lives of the people I love. In that way I'm very significant.

    A lot of people crash and burn when they realize this, but honestly it's not a bad thing. It can take the weight of the world from your shoulders. It can simplify your life and make it a hell of a lot less stressful and hectic. It helps you to prioritize what's important and what's not.

    I hope you find the peace that this realization is meant to bring.



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