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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Big O

Not Omega, but Olympics is on.  Omega is a huge sports fan so the Olympics seems to be right up his alley.  Blah.  

I'm just not seeing it.  I'm sure by the end of it all I'll be feeling thoroughly neglected.  

In other news around here, O did surprise me with a trip to celebrate Valentines Day and taking advantage of the long weekend.  We went to San Francisco.  It was great in just moments I felt relaxed.  I was HOME!  We played tourist and argued about the best place to get the best burrito (ya I won that argument).  

I also started amassing all the supplies I need to start homeschooling A. Most things are on order, but for now we're just using some of the stuff I've had before.  Most of it is not a great fit for A, but until I can get more appropriate stuff it will work.  Today we went over words he doesn't know and worked on math.  I need to also put together some arts and crafts type of stuff for him as well.  He likes to paint so maybe I'll try to get him into water colors or something like that.  We also went on an outing to buy pants for him and I made him round up the numbers to figure out if we had enough money.  At first he had a hard time grasping the concept.  But then he started getting the hang of it and was adding in his head!  


spirited one said...

And here I thought you were talking about another O.... can you tell where my mind is atm??


Anyway... glad you had a good time in SF... You made me hungry for a burrito btw...



greengirl said...

sounds like a great Valentine's. I've never been to Northern California, or the Northwest....someday.

Jz said...

It's funny. I'm not a huge sports fan (or TV watcher) but the Olympics always find me glued to the tube for two weeks (and sleep-deprived but that's part of the fun.)

If they'd just add sumo, all would be perfect... :-)

ronnie said...

Olympics are great. Sounds like you had a lovely time in SF, one of the places I've always wanted to visit.


Gray said...

Sounds like things are going well for you mouse, I'm happy to hear that. I hope that the homeschooling isn't too difficult.

Hermione said...

Homeschooling? You ARE brave! Good luck. I'm sure you'll do well.