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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Doing the springtime happy dance

How different my life is from what it was a year ago.  I went from living alone to having a family.  I had a job I loved, and traded that for really something better.

Homeschooling A is a challenge but worth the effort.     I won't bore you with all the details but I think so far he's doing ok.  He's learning multiplication.  He's still reading at a pre primer level but I'll get him reading more.  Omega is forcing me somewhat to keep my focus on him and on our family.

I'm really more content than I've been in a long while.  It's weird but I'm feeling more natural, like this is the way I should be.  

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spirited one said...

That's a bit how I'm feeling right now... just that things are the way they're supposed to be. It's amazing how life change in a relatively short period of time. I mean this time last year I hadn't even resubmitted to Asha yet and our marriage was on a downward spiral... now here I am deeper in my submission than I every imagined I could go.

Glad to hear things are going so well with A. I hope they keep improving.