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Monday, August 23, 2010

Where mouse tilts at windmills

And it's no surprise, with Omega acting strange and defensive she began looking for something that just wasn't there.  

Let's back up a bit.  Thursday evening Omega informed mouse that his issues were purely work related.  He was in touch with his SA sponsor, attending his meetings.  He said there was no money missing, nothing was wrong in that area.  He said that mouse wouldn't find any pictures, images, or letters.  Still mouse was kinda stunned that he went "there" so quickly. 

After mouse went covert and caught in the trap, Omega settled a little bit.  Honestly it was only then that mouse realized that she was looking for more to wrong than there really was. His moodiness took her by surprise and she assumed there must be a reason for it and it must be bad.  It wasn't.  It was just work troubles.  

We talked, discussed and worked through our issues, and while his mood is still kinda dark mouse understands why and finds it comforting to know there's nothing else going on. 

Saturday we attended a cocktail party at a friend's house, kind of an end of summer party they hold each year around this time in August.  It was nice, but something seemed to set off mouse's allergies or something, because she couldn't stop sneezing.  Honestly it was becoming embarrassing. Omega knows mouse normally isn't bothered that bad, so he decided we should leave early and he insisted that mouse take a hot bath before bedtime.  Not sure if it helped, because mouse sneezing the whole time in the tub...

He found it kinda cute, until she sneezed on him in bed.  Then he moved over to his side of the bed and invited the dog to sleep between us.  

Sunday we spent much of the day just relaxing at home.  And we really enjoyed it.  Of course mouse was still sneezing a little bit, but over all feeling a little better.  

Feeling a lot better about a lot of things; just focusing on Omega, and our family and leaving the tilting at windmills to others.  

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  1. I "tilt at windmills" all the time. Whenever Brandon is even slightly in a dark mood I'm always trying to figure out what I did wrong, but most of the time its just frustration with work. Somehow I always decide that it must be more than just that, I must have really made him mad, or maybe he's dredging up the past, or, or, or...

    Also, I love the reference to Don Quixote. It fits really well.




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