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Friday, May 20, 2011

The pleasures of slavery

Good morning, 

It's time for another edition of Formspring Friday!  This week the question comes from 'kitty' who writes:

Hi mouse. Kinda new to the lifestyle and wanted to know what brings you the most pleasure in your slavery? --Kitty

First please forgive for taking so long to answer this question!  It's not just one thing although serving Daddy is part of it, it's a lot of little things.  Being there for him to use as he pleases (we're talking sex), to be able to love him so unconditionally.  To give everything mouse is to him.  To talk to him about anything and at anytime.  Well almost anytime...

It gunna sound silly, but really what brings mouse the greatest pleasure is pleasing him.  Not just being pleasing (which encompasses much more than him) but really pleasing him with everything mouse is...Bliss.  It is the most important thing to mouse and brings mouse the most pleasure.  From when mouse wakes him in the morning and hears him when she climbs back into bed when day is through and burrows herself beside him, knowing that he's satisfied, happy and pleased with his mouse.  

That is golden stuff!  

Thanks for the wonderful question kitty!

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