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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pulling and pushing

Good morning,

Really don't know how to start this post.  Stare at the flashing cursor, move fingers over keyboard and read, then hit delete repeatedly and try again.  It seems some have issues with procrastination and mouse is no different, time and again she will wait until the last minute to finish something.  Each time, mouse vows to herself and to Daddy to NEVER EVER do it again and yet...

Maybe that's why Daddy's been on this accountability thing lately and holding mouse responsible for doing what needs to be done.   While everything does get done, sometimes it's just not done in the time frame he wants it done.

Dunno, maybe it just works for mouse better this way.  Him watching, seizing back control when he sees mouse stepping out of line.

It all leaves mouse feeling so very thankful to Daddy when he pulls on mouse because she's being obstinate, and pushing for much the same reason!


  1. I expect he likes to be able to help. If they really wanted perfect all the time would they have chosen us?

  2. I can't really relate to your situation because I am not a procrastinator. However, I can relate to your Daddy's side because KinkyGent is a procrastinator. It's funny though, he doesn't procrastinate with anything that has to do with me or Us...only the things that affect him and him alone. Kinda odd. When I find out he has been procrastinating I gently encourage him to "get it done" and mainly make sure that he schedules time for the task or whatever by letting him know that I need some free time and perhaps during that time he can take care of "X"--the thing he's been procrastinating about.

    Mouse, perhaps it's as you work best at accomplishing some things knowing your Daddy is lighting a fire under you :-) It's yet another way that he cares for you.


  3. I think az lot of us has a need to be accountable even if we don't see it that way at times, it shows how much he loves you hugs

  4. Well you could not be worse than me! I heard this saying once "Procrastinators wait until the decision is made for them". It means we wait until the deadline passes, it's too late to get tix to the concert, or go to a birthday party, or sign up for a class, or so on. I realized I do that, sometimes. I have tried to become more decisive, so that my life is not decided FOR me.

    Good luck! My man loses patience with me about this. Hence the new stupid banking rule. Grrrr.

  5. You know... if it weren't for certain motivational thoughts I think this would have been a big procrastination day for me. In the end, though, it always does make things better.



  6. I read your post yesterday while I was at work (yes, I was suppose to be working). I have a tendency to put things off also but try to get them done before the deadline. I think I need that pressure of the deadline to make me get it done. But sometimes if it really isn't important (job wise) I'll let that deadline slide past. It's an easy thing to do and a hard thing to correct.

    Good luck,


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