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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Good morning,

Just because mouse isn't posting as frequently doesn't mean that she's not thankful for many things in her life.

So she's constructed a list in no particular order...

  • Thankful for all her blogging friends -- They have truly become like family and mouse loves reading about all their comings and goings.
  • Thankful for her job and the possibility of returning to work.  
  • Thankful for the gym and realizing that she needs to eat a healthy diet.
  • Thankful that come Fall, the little guy will be returning to school!  
  • Thankful for family (most of the time).  
  • Thankful for real-life friends, even if they don't know about our lifestyle.
  • Thankful for all those who help keep mouse grounded and sane! 
  • Thankful now for twitter...gosh that's really been a long time coming...
  • Thankful to be spending time at the summer house and thankful despite not having Internet mouse now has a smart phone!  
  • Thankful even more so, for all the entertainment value that the smartphone's autocorrect gives (yes, mouse knows about the website, DYAC and yes still got the iPhone anyway)
  • Thankful for Blogger for adding a Blog view for phones!  Really EVERYONE should add that one it's very cool!  Now we just need a good blogger app and mouse will be very happy.
Above all else mouse is thankful to Daddy-O(mega) for making all this possible.  Truly this mouse can't express how thrilled is consistently by you.  


  1. Blogger has a decent Android App ... iPhone might too ... although most androids are powered by google ...


    PS ... i'm on twitter ... Follow me!! :-)

  2. Hehe posting my first comment from my phone. Great things to be thankful for... And damn, I need to write a post today. Not from the phone though. LOL

    Love ya *hugs*



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