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Friday, January 20, 2012

C is for......

Greetings from mouse,

Daddy remarked the other evening in bed mouse never uses a certain word. Well several words but they're all related. So Daddy said he wanted a post on cock worship. NOT about penis or man meat worship, but cock worship. While its true mouse loves to suck Daddy's cock, she loves to sleep with it in her mouth.

So all this put mouse into a foul mood, which is odd. It's just a word, on many people use often, cock. Why should mouse be embarrassed to say it or to write it?

Now mouse can say many words, for example mouse can say:
  • Pussy
  • Shit
  • Fuck
  • Damn
  • Tits (tho that one too gives her trouble)
There are other words mouse can say...she can say cock, at times and cunt, but only when whispering. Those words bother mouse and maybe she finds them a bit unladylike, yet when others use them mouse hasn't any issue with it, she just can't bring herself to use those two "C" words. So all week long Daddy's been waiting for the post on cock worship.

The problem is that mouse wasn't sure what he wanted, yes mouse loves it and really can't get enough of it. If she could just exist that way, kept locked away, just for use, for cock sucking, mouse could be happy. Maybe very happy. Maybe it's just the weird way mouse is wired. Maybe it's just the way she was raised.

Why does the song by Cheap Trick, Good Girls Don't, keep playing in mouse's head?

Been thinking a lot lately about mom and wondering what she would think of mouse's life. Would she see mouse as a failure the way her grandmother did? Mom died when mouse was just 20 and there were sooo many things she never asked her. So much mouse doesn't remember. When mouse looks into her baby's eyes she wonders.....

This has gotten pretty far from the intended subject...


  1. Sorry to latch onto the one little extraneous bit at the end, but I so completely know what you mean.

    My mom died when I was 12.
    I am totally expecting my first moments in the afterlife to consist of walking into the light, seeing Mom, having her hug me ... and then haul off and bitch-slap me upside the head.
    Then we'll go have some coffee...
    Cuz Moms always love us, even when we screw up. :-)

  2. I have trouble with most of those words too. Part of the problem is that I really don't like them. I wish better words were chosen/invented for those things, but they weren't. We're stuck with those words.

    I find it interesting that these days men are quite fixated on the word "cock." When I was a teen, none of the guys I knew used that word at all. It was their "dick" they were obsessed with. I prefer "cock." At least it's not a man's name. I'll never understand why any man named Richard would want to be called "Dick."

  3. Yeah it's funny what words some of us feel uncomfortable saying. And even more fun what tangents can come from such a post as this. *hugs* =)

  4. It has taken Serafina some time to become comfortable saying cock and/or cunt (among others) aloud.

    As for your post, I believe there should have been more penis worship content - hahaha! ;)

    all the best from the Samadhi's
    Michael & Serafina

  5. It would seem that mouse has side-stepped the intended topic all together!

    What should the punishment be for such defiance?


    PS t1klish: Teen boys still routinely refer to their "dicks." As we age "cock" becomes of greater import. Re: Richard/Dick, I must agree.

  6. Daddy,

    mouse has no choice but throw herself on the mercy of the court!


  7. Poor Mouse - I know just how you feel! i like the word cock - it sounds so strong and proud. You know, cock of the walk - cock-a-doodle-doo - and so on. But that other pesky "c" word - you know, the other one? Not so big on that one...

    As for getting off topic... yeah, i imagine your mind is all over the place these days. laughing... But i can't imagine your mother being anything but delighted with you.

    As for punishment for your defiance ~ i'm sure Omega will come up with something loving and appropriate!



  8. I'm with aisha, love "cock," not so fond of the other one.

    I prefer "breasts" to "tits" too. It just sounds more erotic to me, the word so rounded and succulent. Breasts.

    I love cock worship too, though I sometimes also look at my life and wonder what exactly I've done with all my (amazing amounts of) potential.

  9. Jz -- lol, that's quite a visual, and you're right.

    t1klish -- So glad mouse isn't alone...

    Giggling Bunny -- exactly!!! Guess, it's been all the changes.

    Michael Sir -- guess Daddy agreed!!

    aisha -- can mouse just say how much she loves you??? Seriously, thank you so much!

    Thank you everyone....


  10. mouse,
    I absolutely adore the word cock and have for as long as I can remember. When it comes to male genitalia I use two words, cock and penis. I use penis when speaking medically and when teaching sex education although I have also used cock when teaching sex ed as well. As for the word cunt, well in the beginning of my relationship with Master I despised that word. In fact I loathed it; however, one day in a letter Master used the word "cunny" and it just made me chuckle and from there I grew to like, appreciate and use the word cunt regularly.

    I know my issues stemmed from hearing both men and women use that word in a negative manner; however, I ignore when it is spoken with hate and only use the word cunt with love and positive vibes. Unlike many other people though I do like the word vagina and will use it as well but I cringe when I hear the word pussy, always have. To me, pussy is a cat not a part of the body. I also wince and feel icky prickles run up and down my back when I hear people use the word "tits". When it comes to breasts I really only like that one word: breasts.

    I am aware that we give words power and meaning which is why cunt changed overtime. Other words though I would just rather not use. Good luck with your vocabulary! :)

    1. Goodgirl,

      It's funny when you said pussy was a cat...that's very much how mouse feels about it! Lol. When she uses the word, it's more like...the dog has become a big pussy! Daddy laughs when mouse says that..


      It's rarely used to describe ... That down there area...and if it was, it would probably be whispered.

      O will say things to mouse like stroke your clit or finger your cunny and ya it kinda grates one mouse.

      Now tits...hahaha When mouse uses that word it's always in an descriptive way, not very much related to breasts.

      Thanks for your thoughts!


  11. Though I've got a terrible pottymouth, I was always uncomfortable with pretty much any slang descriptor for sexual organs other than Dick - which just sounded silly so I never used that either.

    I've gotten comfortable saying cock, but anything referring to my vajayjay really makes me uncomfortable. That's another issue entirely, however.


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