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Monday, April 9, 2012

Half-Wracked Prejudice Leaped Forth


The next day mouse was on the phone chatting with Lucy about the hoity-toity party mouse attended,  when her cell phone rang.  It was O and he hadn't changed his cell phone number yet.   To be sure, mouse said that she had another call and quickly got off with Lucy while picking up her cell.   Now, Omega is not the kind of man who chats on the phone.   He's the type of man who calls for a purpose.   So we were kinda awkward at first.  Naturally mouse asked about his family, and he replied all were fine and dropped a few details.   He mentioned that it was nice seeing mouse yesterday at the party dressed "in all her tied dyed finery."  

Was that a dig?   Seriously mouse couldn't tell if he was being nice, arrogant or just sarcastic.  

Then he got to the point;  he said he could arrange a sitter for Kiddo, and would like very much to take mouse to dinner.  He added, if mouse were free, as not entirely an afterthought.  "You can check your calendar and let me know, " he said.  

After considering it for a few minutes, mouse agreed.   Really she was curious to see talk to find out how he was.   Was he really different? 

See, the last time we saw each other, it was not a good visit back in California.  Truthfully, mouse was tired of seeing him self-destruct his life.  Trying to twist herself to be what he needed was impossible, too impossible for words.  Instead our friendship imploded and mouse told him that he needed help.  Big Time.  He claimed to have things under control -- everything pointing to the contrary.  So, mouse quit her job because working with him was too painful, found a different job and transferred out of state.  

We settled a time and mouse gave him her address.  

Thursday his secretary phoned mouse to confirm dinner plans....


Something's never change.

He was prompt when he came to collect mouse at the appointed time.  He greeted the dog and asked after the cat.  The cat had passed away a few years earlier  and it still pained mouse.  He led mouse to his car parked in front of the house.  

He drove to the restaurant -- a place mouse never heard of, of course, and led her in.  We didn't talk much in the felt awkward...In the restaurant he ordered mouse a drink.   Without even asking, he said the lady will have a white russian.   The drink was strong and loosened mouse's tongue.  We began to talk and mouse asked him how things were with him.  

Now, clearly the underlying question was had he gotten himself under control.  

He leaned back in the chair, looked at mouse, and said very honestly that he'd been engaged in therapy for a couple of years and recently started seeing a new therapist up here.  Adding his therapist in California recommended the guy.  

This was news...Omega in therapy, mouse tried to see it mentally...really couldn't conjure the image.  

He didn't go into a lot of detail but something had derailed him that much was evident by the way he acted.  It piqued mouse's curiosity and wondered if she'd ever find out the whole story.  

The topic moved from that to other more mundane stuff.  Work.  Something we could both discuss and what mouse was doing.  How surprised he was that she working up here.  

Now add alcohol to mouse and she becomes rather bold and when he remarked that she was living in a nice neighborhood, she asked where he was living.  

His eye twitched for moment, his finger tapped against the menu...

Oh dear mouse thought....

Then he said he was staying with his parents.  

Now, mouse really didn't mean to laugh out loud.  It partly the alcohol and part relief.  Seriously she was thinking that he was living someone else....Ok...mouse really thought he was living with a slave.  

We hadn't discussed his other predilections; we'd only lightly covered that he was no longer spending "obscene" amounts of money on prostitutes.  And mouse learned that he was living with his parents.  Poor man was obviously destitute and for some reason this pleased mouse.  You have no idea how she gleamed when she told him that she purchased her home.  

Instant bitch just add alcohol.  

But as she sat there she considered him, he'd looked so at ease before...and now it was all so hopelessly awkward...

Taking another sip mouse apologized to him...

His eyes met her own and he asked a serious voice not that Dom voice...But laced with curiosity.  

Whatever for?  

With her edit firmly in the off position mouse admitted he had much to consider than just himself alone a child...schools....things like that...Of course he wouldn't jump into a situation.  

He smiled warmly at mouse and genuinely thanked her.  

The conversation between us eased back and forth between many subjects.  

We stayed in the restaurant for hours way beyond dinner and dessert just talking.

He dropped mouse at home, walked her to the door, lightly rebuked her for not having a porch light on.  But as we approached the door, the dog barked ferociously, causing him to take a step back.  

He didn't kiss or offer to or even get close enough to try -- not that mouse really expected it...we'd fucked in the past but he didn't try to do that either...instead he just touched her hand lightly with his own.  After seeing her inside, turned and walked to his car.

Honestly, mouse felt that was it; she'd never hear from him again.  Truthfully she felt kinda mixed about it.  And sad.  

The next day he phoned thanking mouse for a lovely time.  

Really was he actually there? 

As a date goes..not that mouse had been on many...she counted it as a failure. 

We started seeing each other on occasion more or less only as friends...We'd hang out together.  We hadn't talked about a lot of things...tho...nothing to do about our mutual past.  We just friends and really mouse was kinda happy about it; because she'd missed friend Omega.  

To be continued...

Song selection: My Back Pages; Bob Dylan 


  1. I'm looking forward to the rest of the story!

    1. Thank you Sir! Wasn't sure if anyone would be interested...

  2. mouse,
    It sounds like the plot line to a romantic old movie - fate and kizmet and the whole 9 yards... The movies never show the work that life takes though. Of course - they never quite capture the joy that's possible either.

    1. gg,

      Oh you're so right. We certainly took a very odd path...but that's really alright.


  3. I know you said you didnt expect it but did you at that time when he dropped you home want him to stay? but then i kind of think its probably best that he didnt because perhaps the outcome in the long run wouldnt have been the same....dont know why i think that lol

    best wishes
    tori x

    1. Ooooooh tori,

      That's a thought that's really crossed mouse's mind more than once or be honest, at that time mouse was so very uncertain...and he was also.

      We both often wondered if we had too much shared history.


  4. Glad to see some more to the story! I will enjoy reading more.


  5. Thanks for sharing your story, eagerly awaiting the rest!

    1. You're welcome Joyce. It's actually been kinda fun to tell.


  6. oh mouse,
    you tease :)
    I look forward to reading about your journey. The beginning is definitely magical.

  7. Ooh, ooh, is the next installment coming tomorrow?? I think I'm hooked lol.

    1. Sorry, you gotta wait until Wednesday. :( We had actually planned on taking short break from blogging, but O thought this might be a nice way to fill space while we deal with Passover and the move.


  8. funny -- how riveted I am -- as if I don't know where this is all leading.


    1. Lmao! Anyone can go back to the first posts and read about how he was around, how we kinda did this weird dating thing...this story was actually kinda told in drips and drabs, to be honest mostly in comments to other people's

      It wasn't until,recently mouse was telling the kids about the fancy party and stuff about us dating and he was listening (correcting fine details) that he suggested that mouse write it out....

      A version suitable for But really let's face it, the good stuff started after the


  9. mouse,
    I enjoy long detailed stories!

  10. I can't wait to hear more, thanks for sharing.


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