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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shopping List

Good morning my lady, Today as you embark on some errands, I should like for you to stop at a home improvement center to pick up a few items I require.

 A length of rope, approximately 20'.

A package of sandpaper

Thumb tacks (the flat kind in white) Duct tape (any color)

A package of mouse traps

 And perhaps some safety candles.



  1. Thumb tacks? OUCHIE!!!

    Um...have a nice night? *grins*

    1. truthfully mouse didn't see this until someone tweeted her about it!! The thumbtacks really aren't as worrisome as the mouse traps....

      Seriously mouse traps...


    2. Indeed. It occured to me the mouse traps I belive came in a package of six. The possibilities are quite endless.

  2. Omega,

    Great shopping list.


  3. Umm just cringing at the sandpaper, dont even want to contemplate the mousetraps!

    best wishes
    tori x

    1. Sandpaper has many uses. When added to rope it can be quite sinister.

    2. omg that thought didnt cross my mind at all, i was thinking of other im curious (yes i know it killed the cat) like where the ropes are going to be pulled surely not where im thinking.

      best wishes

  4. Feeling like I'm peeking my head around the corner just long enough to squeak, "mouse traps...?"

    1. YA!!!

      Really....mouse's like a twisted nightmare...And mouse thoroughly knows who is to blame.


    2. Now now mouse, do not blame our friend Michael. I have been considering mouse traps and their varied possibilities since I named you.

  5. ohhh wow!!! Sounds like an interesting evening... and Mouse Traps ... oh mouse ... I feel for you! I really really do!!!

    ~Hugs~ (I think you'll be needing these)

  6. Mouse,
    I have bee instructed I need to make Fettuccine Bolognese & I better get it right. I checked on culling chaos but could not find anything. I do not really cook at all and all the recipes on line look scary (mince, what the hell does mince mean). You seem to be pretty creative in the kitchen - do you have a recipe you could share. You can even post it my comments section if you don't want to email it to me. No need to make this visible - it's a little embarrassing. Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.
    I’m already getting spanked for the next 10 days with god only knows what…..this might help.

    1. Oh wow.

      Ok, firstly bolognese is just a simple red sauce with meat.

      Buy like a pound of Italian sausage in bulk, not in casings...or if you can't find bulk, just squeeze it out. (hot or mild or both)
      One package of fettuccine
      One medium onion
      One head of garlic
      One bottle of dry red wine, go to a good store and ask for help if needed...
      2 jars of ready made sauce...yanno like Muir Garden brand (it's like Ragu -- but don't buy that it's crap). Or some other brand...trader Joes makes a good sauce...think it's called classic or something..
      Olive oil if you don't have any

      Parmesan cheese found in refrigerator section of store...not the shit made by Kraft in the can with the shake top.

      Brown the sausage, breaking it up into small pieces.

      Cut the onion into small cube like things...:-)
      Cut the garlic into very small bits...very small (that's mincing)

      Remove the sausage to a plate, leaving the grease behind in the pan...add just onion cook until translucent (you may need to add more olive oil) .

      Add garlic and cook just another minute longer, don't let the garlic burn

      Add a half cup of red wine. Scrape the pan to get any crusty bits from browning the sausage. Return sausage to pan...let the wine bubble with onions, garlic and sausage for a minute...

      Add jars of sauce

      Let simmer, least thirty minutes,

      (but like most pasta sauce the longer it sits the better it gets. You could just put it all in a Tupperware container and save for the next day...If you do, begin to reheat pasta sauce while you cook the pasta)

      Start water for pasta. Use a big pot with lots of water...

      Don't add oil to water...

      Cook according to package instructions...7-10 minutes depending on the brand (assuming its dried, fresh pasta takes far less time).

      Important step. While the sauce is bubbling, mix the pasta in with the sauce. DO NOT JUST TOP WITH always mix the sauce the with pasta, coating it nicely and serve with parmesan cheese and some nice crusty bread...

      The reason for the jars of ready-made sauce is that they contain all the herbs you'll need...if you don't use'll have a much more complicated dish to make...

      Hth and follow up questions are welcome...


    2. LOL, I thought it had something to do with bologna. I'm screwed....this doesn't look to bad but honestly I can screw up PB&J. I'll let you know who it goes.

    3. Ah, a secret revealed? Charlatan! ;-)

  7. yikes!

    looks like things are going to be interesting


    1. I for one am looking forward to an evening of pleasant squeaks and tears.

  8. I love this man...that's my kind of shopping list. LOL! And the best part is asking mouse to go and buy all the torturous devices herself that will be used upon her. Or so it seems used upon her anyway. Sure gets the mind in gear and turning. :)


    1. Finally! Someone who appreciates my efforts. I suppose it was all lost on mouse ;-)

      However, she did complete the task; I am certain her blush was quite fetching.

  9. A final thought, Alfred Hitchcock once mused when speaking of making movies; anyone could simply blow up a bomb. The real suspense is built when the audience is shown the ticking device, slowly counting down, while all around them go about their lives.

    It is there that the magic is born. The suspense is intoxicating.

  10. Bravo! :)

    (the cheer was for Omega!)

    With that said, I do have to figure that mouse really will blame me for the inclusion of mouse traps on your list. Don't get me wrong, deserved or not, I can live with that! :)

    I do assure you mouse that I had no communication with Omega regarding mouse traps, and I'm quite sure he's being completely forthcoming is saying he already had similar in mind.

    Seriously mouse, my dear, if I would have influenced the shopping list, you'd have been sent to get an enema bag too!

    Sounds like you'll be having some nice fun, oh to be a fly on the wall! It would have been fun shopping with mouse too, just to watch! ;)

    ps - the sauce sounds delish - here's hoping dancingbarez gets it right - nothing to it really my dear - you'll do fine!

  11. I love that I scrolled down to comment but ended up with a great looking recipe instead. :)


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