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Monday, April 2, 2012

There is a season

Greetings from mouse,

*** smallish update at the end ***

We spent a lovely weekend together, talking and loving...

And it was what we needed...

Omega gave mouse what she needed, he bossed her around a little...gently of course...taking great pleasure in having his lady serve him.  It made mouse melt and be fortunate and allowed to please him in the most Of mundane ways was truly a joy.  We talked a good deal also about Friday's post.  Often, because mouse tends to write in a stream of conscious way, a post will begin one way and to careening into another direction.  But at the same time, it opened the door to really discuss safely many things.  Changes we'd both together like to see happen.

That recentjoy mouse found is something she hopes to be repeated often...because then she really feels her purpose.

Another funny thing happened on Friday, monkey (you can watch it here if you haven't already) posted a youtube and mouse saved it to watch it later and  when she did she laughed.   Deep down she knew Omega wouldn't approve of it, but was giggling when he walked into the room.

What was so funny...he wanted to know...mouse explained it was a video Monkey posted..."but you wouldn't like's kinda vulgar."

"Are you implying that I am a male prude?"

"Well....." mouse's voice kinda trailed off...

He moved the laptop off her lap, had her lace her fingers behind her neck and brought her to several orgasms using just his nimble fingers....

Omega really does love to mouse come that way.  He likes to watch her body quiver -- he likes to control her and to let her know that he can control her using only his fingers.   It always leaves mouse most undone...a quivery ball of goo.

Eventually he entered her fast and hard and made her come again.

After he picked up the laptop and watched the video...he didn't laugh...mouse was too tired to laugh again and wouldn't dare while he was there.

He scoffed dismissing the video as insipid rubbish.

But he's no prude...

Now mouse giggled softly as she snuggled beside him, finding her happy place in the crook of his arm...feeling his hand pet her extra sensitive skin and felt happy.

You're going to be hearing a little less from mouse in the coming weeks...maybe...Hope everyone understands.

Song selection: Turn Turn Turn; The Byrds


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, i hope and im sure you will have many more like them, mine alas was full of spring cleaning i needed to de- clutter i do tend to hold onto things that really is pointless....but the end result is a nice clean and clutter free home...well for a while!

    Will miss your ramblings and thoughts if you do go quiet for a while but understand.

    ps i laughed at the utube clip also

    best wishes
    tori x

  2. It does sound like a lovely weekend. I too have a happy place in the crook of my "H"s arm!

    I also laughed at the video, well I was sitting here laughing out loud to myself, then I laughed at that as well!

    Take Care mouse,

  3. That's ok, Mouse, i laughed hard enough at the video for me and Omega. But i can understand Omega not being amused...

    We'll miss hearing from you more often, but i'm happy that you two are doing what you need to do for each other.



  4. I agree with Omega, and Serafina wouldn't even bother to watch past the first 30 seconds . . . insipid rubbish it is! ;)

  5. We will miss you being around but the main thing is the two of you are happy.



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