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Monday, November 5, 2012

Headspace of Submisssion

We had a lazy weekend here -- it's the gateway to the holiday season and mouse was making lists. Daddy came over, took the pencil from her fingers and told her to go upstairs. The children properly occupied, the house was spotless, dinner was under control -- no reasons or excuses.

Upstairs Daddy swatted mouse's bottom harder than before, then dove his fingers deep inside her. Maybe it was her position, or maybe he's just that good but she violently shook and orgasmed right then. Foggy from the incredible come, she barely noticed him telling her to lift her rear a bit more. There was a sensation of lube, a finger rimmed her rear and then he was entering....

To say that mouse groaned loudly is putting it pretty mild. He growled for her not to orgasm again as he took his time and told mouse to play with herself. The dark command had mouse's mind soaring. There's something deep in her mind for years that said touching herself was wrong....yet when he commands it.....

Immediately tho mouse was in that headspace as her body quivered and begging audibly to orgasm -- in that place in between where just carnal lust takes over. When he finally allowed her to orgasm the release was HUGE, violent and sooo powerful. After cleaning him off, she spent much time thanking him. Before she could wave after wave of blissful happiness filled her Daddy inserted the plug into her rear -- to remind her?

Driving mouse deeper into that headspace he took away her voice -- giving her the "be still" command.

It was as though Daddy pushed mouse into her own mind and locked her in. The rest of the day while going about all her more or less rote duties Daddy watched mouse carefully, but then he always does. He likes still keeping mouse in the headspace of her submission. In the evening, while in his study mouse sat quietly at his feet. Unable to concentrate, just staring mindlessly -- until she realized what her gaze was fixed on. On Daddy; well, that's not completely accurate to be more accurate, her eyes were fixed on his crotch.

It was like when the dog stares at a treat, waiting for the signal to gobble it up.
It wasn't lost on Daddy either.

Eventually, he turned his chair, repositioned his body a little and unzipped his trousers.
"No hands pet. Place them behind your head."

Moving her hair to one side, mouse laced her fingers behind her head, pleasuring Daddy with her mouth and completely losing herself in the process. Her blouse was opened, her a breast out of the bra, yet mouse could have cared less...all she wanted was to please him.

He grabbed her head and told her she was a slutty cocksucker and asked if she could be anymore depraved?

Probably, guess the lump of clay that is mouse is being molded again!


  1. oh my goodness mouse -- I should not have wandered in to read when I don't want to get all steamy

    what a lovely night




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