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Thursday, March 13, 2014

More Questions

Joey asked, "Question: Do you have a desire to play in a public setting such as a private party or dungeon?" 

Ronnie Asked, "Who would you want to play the role of you in a movie and who would play Daddy?" 

Tori asked Daddy, "You wrote a post a couple years back (perhaps longer) of when you made the decision to dismantle the bdsm equipment in the basement and the reasons for doing so, you wanted to banish the sadist in you..words to that effect.

A fair amount of time has passed since then, is it something you think you could go back to? would want to go back to? letting the sadist in you out that is, and does it ever really go away?" 

To truthfully answer Joey's question mouse would have to say no.  Public play just doesn't hold any real interest in mouse anymore.  Years ago, she did a little. It was just never her thing.  

Oh gosh who would play us in a movie??  For Daddy...Maybe someone old school like Gregory Peck?  Who would play mouse, tho...Honestly no clue. Daddy thought for a moment maybe Kate Winslet,  but mouse isn't sure about that.  

To all those who thought Tori's question would prompt a post from Daddy...Well that didn't happen.  

His reply to mouse was simple, No, no, and no.  

Now, mouse will interpret.  

He doesn't regret dismantling the basement place and he doesn't want to return to that level of play.  He didn't elaborate on why.  Sadism is tied to his SA, although he spent years in denial it was, so mouse gathers that is something he does sort of struggle with still.  The sadistic urges rarely go away, but he's learned, and maybe refocused them into different directions.  His sadistic nature does still appear but it's more in short bursts than long prolonged events.

Does that help, because mouse isn't sure?  


  1. mouse.

    Thank you for answering my questions. I remember the post about the equipment being dismantled. I was very impressed that Omega would take that step and I realized the depth of the love he has for you.


  2. Mouse,

    Gregory Peck and Kate Winslet. Love both of them and very good actors.

    Enjoyed reading your answers, thank you.


  3. No, no and no. I for one totally get that

    Sir J


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