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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More on Dreams and Television

On Monday, mouse wrote about watching TV shows and having odd dreams because of it.  It has dawned on mouse that many don't know or understand why. So, first mouse guesses she must explain that we don't watch TV.  Seriously, if it wasn't for Twitter, mouse wouldn't have known that the season premier of The Walking Dead was even on.  Daddy will watch sports, the news and maybe some late night TV (Tonight show or whatever).  For the most part, we can't stand all the commercial breaks.  We watched the History Channel Houdini movie they did toward the end of summer and turned it off, not because it was terrible or anything but because of the commercials.  Toward the end of the first part, you'd get around 8 minutes of movie and 2 minutes of commercials.  
What we do, is we will watch things on Amazon Prime or Netflix streaming -- which has full seasons of TV shows, we might have missed out on.  For example, the ABC hit Lost, for the longest time mouse tried to watch the show when it was on TV.   Several people she knew told her that she had to watch it, but whenever she tried (having not seen the first few episodes) but it's not the kind of show you can come into out of order.  So nothing made sense and mouse quickly 'lost' interest.  Then came a rainy day and Netflix.  The show had recently been added to the streaming service and mouse began watching the pilot episode.  Daddy came in, and we began watching together.  When that episode was over mouse started the next; by the third episode we were both hooked.  The good thing was the show was finished and all seasons were available.  

No commercials, no interruptions just LOST.  For those unaware, the seasons are HUGE at around 22-24, 45 minute episodes each.  And you must sit and watch every single one.  It's not like some shows where you can kinda pay attention...maybe while doing something else.  The show Bones is kinda like that, you can half pay attention to an episode and not really miss anything.  The X-Files too many of their episodes were just "one off" story lines.  It's not like there's a quiz or anything. The Sopranos was also a bit like that as well -- you didn't need to pay attention to every single moment of an episode but the characters made you want to.  Lost, conversely was completely different, each episode was packed with information and most came up later, it required immersion.  

Mad Men, Downton Abby are different serial type of shows.  You watch to pay attention to the characters and individual drama as well as the costumes and sets. It can be intense but completely different in that in that intensity.  These are also the kinds of shows mouse doesn't mind waiting for the new season.  

Some shows, like Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and probably a few others, go for punctuated times of intense must watch drama.  For Grey's Anatomy, for example, you watch the first two or maybe three episodes of the season, then you can miss everything until February and miss out again until the last 4 episodes at the end of the season.  You'll catch up nicely on what happened to individual characters when they do the "previously on," bit.  Or you can go online.  

The Following is different.  Kevin Bacon is incredible in it.  It's intense in that bad freaky kind of way.  Cult members showing up on a subway and randomly killing people, leaving one person alive enough, to tell police what they said and why.  That kind of shit just freaks mouse out -- because quite honestly you don't know who can be trusted and the twists in the first season were spectacular.  And it's another show, much like Lost and Walking Dead that does require emersion.  

Which brings mouse to The Walking Dead.  It's intense in that "yell at the TV" sort of way for mouse, and incredibly gross...after a while tho the zombie bits become like..hmm another zombie battle, fast forward until it's over...See who survives.  But the overall story, the villains (who aren't zombies) is completely compelling to mouse.  Each night mouse can effectively watch between 9-11pm four episodes since there isn't commercials.  You can really get into it, a lot more than if you're stuck watching just one episode a week.  

But that can also ruin a probably good show, like 24, mouse had never watched it, so began watching it on Netflix.  The first couple seasons were amazing, chillingly intense, but then it got old fast.  After the fourth season mouse began watching the "previously on 24" and the last 5 minutes of the episode and skipping over everything in between.  The repetition became fast annoying -- perhaps watching each show weekly would have been better.  Daddy pointed out that mouse must not be enjoying the show much.  

If mouse watches too much of any show, like when she went on a Star Trek DS9 bender over the summer, watching every single episode on DVD, the dreams started a week or so after.  Not bad dreams, but dreams about the characters and more or less the kinds of dreams when you know you are dreaming.  Walking Dead dreams aren't good ones.

American Horror Story, well that's just fucked up shit.  Daddy loves that show, but seriously, fucked up shit.  


  1. We love American Horror Story!

    Daddy tends to pass the time during commercials by giving short hard whippings or using some other means of torture during the break. He doesn't seem to mind them so much that way.....really neither of us do!

  2. We're the same way about commercials and DVR everything to watch later or watch Netflix or Prime. I can't remember the last time I watched live TV. I sometimes prefer the Netflix route -- I watched all the seasons of Lost over a few weeks, and I think if I had to wait every week for that show when it was actually on TV, I would've been really confused.

    Binge-watching doesn't usually give me dreams, but a few years ago after going on a Supernatural-watching spree, I had trouble falling asleep for weeks. So I try to be careful about the scarier ones...not sure I'm ready for Walking Dead even though a lot of my friends seem to love it.


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