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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

All that is Gone

Good morning friends, the week so far, aside from being busy for mouse has been good and we're just going to push through to the weekend.  How many weeks has it been since mouse was punished for demerits? Last time was the end of February...Seriously February?  You'd think there'd have to be a volcano of badness just waiting to erupt inside mouse and at times she's a little worried she might.  

Yesterday, mouse told Daddy about new market that opened in our area and wanted to try it, it's closer to home and might be better fit than driving all over town each Monday, living in the car.  The selection  might be better at the deli she usually shops at but it's not horrible and prices don't seem to be too different.  It's just the overall lack of selection that bothers mouse. Also, they do carry some of the same things, and some even better quality but the prices are good deal higher for that also.  Monday evening over dinner we talked about it, pros and cons, and Daddy decided next week, mouse will go back to the old way and use the new store for extras.  He doesn't want to waste money on things we won't enjoy as much, just because it's closer.  

Nina wrote in her blog about getting into some deep trouble. We've all been there at one time or another, haven't we?  Many times mouse has written about doing something really dumb and getting into trouble for it.  Daddy has made some mistakes too.  It's odd how mouse has hard time forgiving herself for the bigger mistakes but it's just as difficult for her to forgive him for his large mistakes too. And those times can make mouse feel a bit smug.  Like she's going to punish him or make him feel worse than he already did.  It never works, at least not that way or the way mouse thinks it would work.  


  1. We have a wonderful local market and i try to use it rather than the supermarket, i like to support the local trade rather than the giant supermarkets, but sometimes price does dictate otherwise.....the only exception i make is meat, its more expensive than the supermaket but the quality is just that much better.

    Oh yes i think we have all been there in respect of getting into deep trouble, its horrible feeling that way, but lessons are always learned (one hopes) regardless of if the mistake is on the submissive's part or the dominants.


  2. I am definitely with tori on meat. Definitely too in terms of trouble....

  3. Congratulations on the no punishments Mouse, that is awesome :) We have a local small supermarket very close to us. Unfortunately, it's one of the more expensive ones, but they do have good specials. That's my excuse anyway lol.

    oh yes, I think we have all been there making big mistakes.



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