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Friday, April 3, 2015

All that You Do

It's been a hellish week here friends, more than once mouse was overwhelmed and completely reduced to tears, thnkfully Daddy's been wonderful about helping out.  Last night, he took the kids out to dinner so mouse could really get into the corners and finish all the cleaning for Passover.  Cannot express adequately how much mouse hates doing all this, but it's done, aside from some regular cleaning today.  Tonight we go to Daddy's brother's home for dinner and we're doing the second seder tomorrow.  

Last night, once the cleaning was finished mouse was collapsed on the sofa and Daddy poked his head out of the study wondering if was safe to come out.  He looked around the kitchen area, inspecting the cabinets and then asked mouse to come into the study for our weekly talk about demerits and punishment.  At this point, mouse really felt she'd accrued a bunch and that her streak was over but Daddy said that mouse handled the stress of the week quite well.  He didn't mind the over-whelmed tears or even the time she raised her voice to him in frustration.  All because she was expressing herself and asking (probably most importantly) for his guidance and help.  

To say it was a relief is almost understating the strength of emotions she felt at that moment.  At once, mouse was on her knees hugging his legs and telling him how grateful she was.  Daddy is always quick to remind mouse that she earns this.  Lack of punishment is because she's truly trying when things get really difficult and stressful.  Just like when she fails and is punished, it was also earned because of her behavior.  Was mouse perfect last week?  No, but she very willingly gave him her stresses and allowed him to decide and in this case there was nothing he could do, except to encourage mouse and listen.  

Once mouse gets through the next several days, things will loosen up and be better.  

This morning, Daddy gave mouse a long spanking until tears fell willingly, and he held her for a time after just letting her hold onto him.  The cry was cathartic and needed, the pain on her bottom today is a reminder that she's being what he needs her to be.  It's a different feeling than when she's been punished -- which is more a reminder of what she did wrong.  This is a reminder of what she's been doing right.  


  1. I like your distinction between punishment and the spanking you received.
    Wishing you and Omega a happy Passover.

  2. Lovely post, mouse - it's great to read how well you each provide for the other's needs.

    Happy holiday wishes,

  3. Mouse, so good to read and so wonderful how it expresses the love and the way the 2 of you communicate. It shows the respect you have for each other. I am also one who has such a time at opening up when I am stressed. So thank you, you teach me.
    A very Passover

  4. Good Shabbos -- Happy Passover -- and good for you both - B

  5. Such a good post. Mistress K. and I are talking about maintenance spankings and I like your process of having a weekly review of demerits and punishments.

    Also, how nicely said .......... "Lack of punishment is because she's truly trying when things get really difficult and stressful. Just like when she fails and is punished, it was also earned because of her behavior."

    Thank you!


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