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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

All that You Eat and Everyone You Meet

Good morning friends, It's midweek already and thought a recap of our weekend might be in order.  First however, because it seems people are curious about this, we are doing a cold breakfast this morning, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt and plenty of hot coffee.  Perfect for a grab and go lifestyle.  

It's no surprise that mouse has a lovely inherent ability to say the wrong thing at worst time,  maybe not completely wrong -- more like a stupid, thoughtless remark that makes her seem silly.  Daddy finds it enchanting when it happens.  Like when we arrived at his brother's home and mouse looked at the dining room table all decorated and commented that it looked like a holiday.  Daddy gave mouse that endearing placating pat on the head and kissed her forehead.  At first mouse didn't understand what she'd said that was so wrong until she thought about it.  Oops.  Now everyone knows that mouse isn't Jewish (or religious at all), so she was forgiven easily.  Still the shiksa comments became part of the evening -- not in a terrible or disparaging way (at least mouse didn't take them that way).  

It would be nice to say that all that was forgotten by the time we hosted our seder the next day, but brother-in-law made a point of saying that mouse's table was decorated like a holiday.  Without missing a beat mouse said that we'd have an Easter egg hunt later, but no worries they're all painted blue.  See, mouse might be blonde but also has her own witty moments.  All in all, the seders were a lovely way to reconnect with family and make a few new friends.  

Sunday night with the kids we all watched Cecil B DeMille classic with Charlton Heston The Ten Commandments.  All in all, a pretty nice weekend!  


  1. So glad your weekend was good. Whatever faith it is lovely when families can come together, especially when you have a young family. We were in Spain at the weekend and it was lovely to see extended families standing watching the parades they have there and then eating and drinking together in the restaurants. Special memories come from such events xx

  2. I understand if you dont or are not permitted to answer my following question, as its perhaps a sensitive subject?

    Does it every cause conflict between you both, with you being an atheist and Omega being Jewish, i ask because we are the opposite here, Master is an outright atheist and im a Christian, go to church regularly, i have belief in my faith, and it does at times bring us into conflict.

    So i was just curious how or if you do,,manage that mouse?


  3. Hi Mouse, I do similar things too :) Glad you had such a wonderful weekend spending time with family.



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