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Monday, April 6, 2015

All that You Say


Good morning friends. We had a great weekend and now is the time to look ahead to coming week. It just seems the weekends go passed us too quickly. It's odd when we go out together at times how other women seem to react to Daddy. Also interesting how other men react to it. Privately it might surprise some that Daddy is a gentleman in our home as well. He will hold the dining room chair for mouse when we all sit to dinner.

He rarely yells and when he does the world knows he's angry, whereas with mouse, it's more like how she communicates. But he's also softened those rough edges she used to have. Or maybe honed them and it's struck her more than once recently how little mouse raises her voice -- last week aside because the all the cleaning was wearing her down quickly. Now, however looking back it's probably taken years for mouse to get to this point. That almost zen place where things don't bother her.

Sure occasionally something does get under her skin and she'll complain, loudly about how he's being unfair about a situation. Sometimes his coolness bothers mouse a good deal. He will feel distant from her and there's a harshness to his words that hurts. He doesn't mean to seem that way -- it's just the gruff way he comes across. Still, while mouse used to walk on eggshells when he got like that, experience has told her not to worry.

Sometimes we have long discussions or even arguments about politics or other things, while he does verbally hogtie mouse in public occasions, he never does in our home. He would never try to debate mouse on a few topics, because he knows it's useless. There are times however he does wish the skeptic in mouse would sleep -- which is something mouse finds irritating.



Anonymous said...

Weekends always pass top quickly :( and yesss, I can totally relate to how much it bothers me when I'm all worked up and the other person is all quiet and not worked up at all! I know it's childish but I can't help it. How you both have a nice Monday!

Anonymous said...

That coolness that happens, its terrible. Its like being mentally pushed away. I hate it when it happens because i'm not sure just how bad the anger is.