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Friday, April 17, 2015

All that's to Come

Good morning friends, yes, mouse has already begun for our summer exodus and only because there's so much that needs to be done and really only six weeks to get it all done.  This is because she's got so many ideas already about what to pack.  All the winter clothes need to be gone through and stowed or culled.  The kids are growing fast and it's not easy keeping up with their clothes.  

Also there's the blog, and mouse is considering resurrecting Newbie Tuesday during the summer months.  Once a week or so, mouse plans to schedule a post geared for Newbies...the problem is mouse needs ideas 8-10 ideas to be exact.  So, if you have any thoughts please offer them to mouse.  Now, if you have specific questions and you don't want to wait until Summer to get your answer, go ahead and pose them, just let mouse know.  One post mouse is considering is the need for consistency and maybe another on the games people play (like when a Dom deliberately removes consistency).  

So friends what are your thoughts about this?   Is it a waste of time?  No one reads here anymore anyway?  Or Yes go for it....maybe someone will read it...


And there's something else that's weighing on mouse.  Her reign of going punishment free has come to a dramatic conclusion, worthy of a movie of the week (or maybe one 30 minute episode of Laverne and Shirley -- people recall that show right? It was rather like the British show Absolutely Fabulous without all the cigarettes, sarcasm, sex drugs and booze).

Our story begins in mid January.  Let's pour a second cup of coffee while mouse explains...

*takes a deep breath*

One such morning in January, Daddy came to mouse with a task, a very special task.

Wait let's back up a little provide context because we all know the devil is in the details. For decades now Daddy has used the same shampoo.  He purchases it at the place he gets his hair cut at and has for years now.

So on this fair morning, he presented mouse with a task.  He handed her an empty bottle of his shampoo along with $25 and said, "Go forth mouse and purchase this and only this brand, lest all my hair fall out at once.  Take thee bottle with you so ye shall find it and not be fooled by another similar brand."

Ok that's not a direct quote, mouse can't recall what he said exactly but that's the gist.  He made sure mouse had the bottle so she could be absolutely certain she bought the right stuff.  Yeah, we just go with it, because it's a Daddy thing.  So, mouse goes to the shop, finds the shampoo, and compares it carefully.  Making sure it's the right one.  Then turns it upside down and looks at the price.  $40 Now, this is probably when mouse's head exploded.  Seriously?! $40 dollars for shampoo?

So, mouse didn't buy it.  First she didn't have enough money and it's highly unlikely he knew how much it costs because he probably just pays for it with his hair cut and doesn't look at it.  It's just all added up for him and not itemized.

Did mouse mention it's only for 8oz?  Not that it matters but damn mouse would gripe at spending $20 on something that was about 16oz (that's like double...blonde brain says 8+8=16).  Of course, let's also be clear that 8oz bottle lasts him a good long time too.  His hair is short....his head is only so big.  It takes a couple drops to measure enough.  Not to suggest he's bald because that's not it...It's just he keeps his hair neatly cut...there's enough for mouse to muss during sex....but..

Digress over...

At the drug store, mouse smelled the various types of shampoo there and found one close enough.  It's a clean smelling thing, says it even has that tea oil stuff in it - like the totally expensive one.  And mouse might have bought it and filled the older container with that.  And the money....honestly no clue.  There were a lot of things bought along with that $5 (yes it was 5 bucks) bottle of shampoo -- so all the purchases were just lumped together.

Mind you, this was months ago and mouse's memories of the exact events as they unfolded are a little hazy.

Way too long story short, he never noticed.  Well actually that's not true...he did eventually notice that he liked the cheap brand better.  Because a month or two (whatever it was) later he bought his hideously expensive stuff and found it didn't lather as well.

Now, mouse certainly could have remained silent about her treachery but couldn't lie to him and coughed up the truth -- it just came spilling out like a hairball.  Yesterday. Demerit accountability day.   Impeccable timing for mouse.

Yes, finally a punishment that mouse isn't sure really counts because it was before she began actually paying attention to what he wanted instead of assuming what he would do.

This is such a mouse thing to do.  Seriously

Three months worth of punishment...half of January, all of February, All of March and part of April.  He counts fourteen weeks and mouse thinks 13...but he's counting it...and why split hairs?

Yeah mouse said it.

This morning yes her bottom is fucking killing her.  It is sooooooooooo sore she can't begin to understand how she's ever tolerated a punishment like this before.  It was stingy and it hurt...

And despite mouse making light of it, with a scissor run of hair jokes, she does really feel bad that she did ever think deceiving Daddy was a good idea.  It was wrong and she is terribly sorry for it.  


  1. So after all that is he switching shampoos? Sorry about your bottom dear!

  2. How about a post for newbies on whether or not a punishment dynamic would work for them, some things to consider in making that decision?

    1. Hmm...that's kinda good. Also thinking of doing one about masochism...


  3. I think it's a great idea to do the newbie posts...though I don't really have any great ideas for posts.

    Sorry about the punishment! At least you know better now...right? :)

    1. Honestly, had this all happened a month ago, mouse would have handled it completely different.

  4. Well i for one, as i said in a post a while back think that the newbie Tuesday is a wonderful idea....anyway i think no matter how experienced one is we can always learn something new, or appreciate a different perspective..dont you think?

    oh some ideas...just thinking back to things perhaps i would have liked advice about when i first started out...

    1) is it ok to say no to something if one has not stated its a hard limit?
    2) topping from the bottom....what is meant by this exactly? is it bratty behaviour?
    3) to make it as safe as possible/how long is it ok to keep nipple clamps on?
    4) it necessary..what is the point of it?
    5) why sometimes is submitting a struggle/difficult when one does want to and enjoys it?

    Im sorry about the shampoo incident mouse....but if he in fact prefers it then surely it worked out for the best...ok so the deceiving part...well yes me being me would have more than likely made a big deal out of it being months ago and punishment would be unfair....wouldnt perhaps change the outcome but i would give it a damn good shot lol

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend

    :) x

    1. Oh wow Tori to the rescue! Those are great and really some of these can be handled in parts.

      Thank you soooooo much

    2. ps..being really cheeky..but if you dont ask...

      As we havent had an Omega post in a while, what about a post from him on what advice he would give to a new dominant starting out?

    3. Oh you're preaching to the choir here. :)

    4. lol. I was also thinking it would be great for Omega to do that, but wasn't brave enough to say so!

  5. Sorry about the bottom. Speaking as one who worked for a shampoo company for many years, there isn't much that is worth 40 dollars because there isn't much difference between shampoo products other than smelly stuff and exotic ingredients which don't do much. The foaming just means it feels nice, it doesn't have any impact on the cleansing.
    You say you would have handle this incident differently now - may I ask what would you have done now in the same situation?
    Newbie Tuesday sounds a great idea. I'd like to know more about bondage because it something I fancy but I don't know if I could actually cope with it in reality.

    1. Thanks for idea! And the shampoo information. :)
      As for what mouse would do differently, she would have called him or sent a text and asked what mouse should do. Instead of resorting to trickery. :)

  6. Oh, pleeeeez tell me that verily, his raiment was towel and his stance oratory when once he proclaimed!

    1. Saucy girl you must be quite the hellcat.

  7. Hi Mouse, I think Newbie Tuesday is a fantastic idea. It is always good to hear the perspectives of others. An idea for a post ... how important is positive reinforcement, for both the Dom and sub.

    I'm sorry about the shampoo incident and your poor bottom.



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