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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

All You Destroy

Good morning again friends, we've got hot coffee, and chocolate cake for breakfast (it is April fools day after all). Yesterday's image was a painting of the temple of Zeus and the great statue. Today's image is what is left of the real temple and statue of Zeus.

Destroying something can be really good or bad, and even neither if you're really prone to over thinking things. Breaking down or destroying a wall between you -- learning to cope better with a past dysfunction can be wonderful. A friend asked, if mouse has ever tried to press the self-destruct on her relationship with Daddy? Sometimes, mouse has tried to stop things of felt it was too hard and not worth the effort or something like that. As difficult as dealing with her complicated past was, it was more difficult to reopen the wounds to allow them to heal properly. Many times Daddy, after allowing mouse to drift a little, has asked her point blank -- if she really wanted to continue. He always couched that with great assurances that his love for mouse wouldn't change, but needed to know if we were on the same page (or sometimes even reading the same book).

Ultimately the choice was on mouse did she really want this for herself or did she evasion something different? Did she want his control or was she just giving lip service to the "ideal" or notion of his athority? In other words, did she really believe that she could do this? It's taken time for her to realize that not only she can, but actually thrives in this.


Jz said...

Don'cha' just want to go lie in the grass, smack in the middle of all that glory?
(or perhaps stand on that column, altho' Of Course that would be mistreating antiquities and I would NEVER do such a thing -- unless it might make a good picture!)

It's a funny little line we have to walk, when it comes to breaking down parts of ourselves. Even when you know you need to heal, you wonder if you can survive the ripping open... It's hard stuff.
Which is, I think, why so many of us love to follow you and read of your adventures together. It gives us hope.
You climbed the mountain for us all, miz mouse!


Vesta said...

I think Omega gives you a consistency of control that is very soothing and satisfying. What is difficult, from my perspective, is when one day it is this and the next day it is that. When you can bunker into someone's control confident that it will be there tomorrow and the tomorrow after that, that's a very comfortable place, I think anyway, provided your own needs are fully taken into account.

I had to smile mouse when I got to the final paragraph. I think you wondered if mouse 'envisioned' something different, yes?. From what I know of you, you rarely are evasive or want to invade, or some combination thereof. Giggles.