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Monday, April 4, 2016

Just the Two of Us

First apologies for an abrupt exit (more about that in a moment) and there are still a few more questions that mouse wil be answering. Thank you for taking the time to ask those questions! It made the month or March so much more interesting.

Daddy is a bit tired of mouse making the same mistakes week after week. Time and again in the study being punished for the same things. It's not making him very happy at all. We need to get back to basics. Yes, we're parents, yes we have kids but does that mean everything stops and we just become vanilla? Do we just want to settle for sprinkles? Or a fun romp in the sheets? Because we've got that now, and it's not enough. Also after answering several questions he realized how disconnected from her purpose mouse has been feeling. Also, apologies to the comments that seemed to take forever for Master/Daddy to moderate -- it should also be noted that the last few Q&A posts were scheduled -- answering questions is easier than thinking about what to post. There are still a few more questions to answer that were sent via email -- and mouse will be answering those, as well as any other lingering ones soon.

We talked about what's been missing from our lives. We decided, selfishly that it's really time alone. Real time, like a week or more away, just us.

Is that even possible? Yes, he decided. We could cash in our babysitting favors. Plan it for a time when the schedule was already light. We could easily escape for a week or more. We could go to the summer house. Not many would be around during the off season. Things for both of us work wise found us between projects with one ending and a new one beginning a couple weeks later it seemed to Daddy that the very cosmos was placing a stamp of approval on the plan.

The plan was in motion, with a school holiday making things easier, and relatives more than willing (seriously) to dote on the little one. Everyone agreed it was a good time to escape. Daddy packed a bag, well three of them and a very small bag for mouse. He told her not to worry about it. He'd pack her things. Yes, she pouted when she saw the bag that was seriously not big enough to hold more than one pair of shoes.

We left in the evening, right after almost when he finished work, waved goodbye and blew kisses and we were off. There was a huge weight that seemed to come off us. We chatted a little about politics and other things that mouse can't recall. He refused to discuss his plans for the time away.

We stopped a few times for gas, potty breaks, and once for dinner. That was mouse's first hint that this was different. He told mouse no speaking. A bubbly waitress came by with menus and told him what the specials were, while mouse sat mute. He ordered for mouse, then himself after that the bubbly waitress only addressed him. We ate, declined dessert, which honestly mouse couldn't stomach because the butterflies in her tummy were turning into woodpeckers, he paid the check and we left.

He said, after we returned to the car, mouse was a good girl.

We stopped at a motel around an hour after, as Daddy was tired. He again forbid mouse from speaking. He grabbed his bag and mouse's small bag, and we walked to the room. Within a short amount of time, we were in bed, Daddy kept his arm around mouse and told her to stay put. He woke super early, shortly before the sun was up. He pulled mouse into the shower with him and had her kneel in the tub. He washed himself then washed her.

He told her to dress in the clothes she wore the previous day, and put her makeup on...fix her hair....

Soon as that was completed we were back on the road. He stopped at a coffee place and had mouse wait in the car, and returned with two large cups of coffee and some fruit. Closer still, he stopped at the market, but again, had mouse wait in the car. He came out with a grocery cart filled with bags. Once those were stowed away, he made excellent time to the lake.

Since the trip was a bit spontaneous, he hadn't called a cleaning service to ready the house. Inside the car he told her to take off her dress. Outside it was raining, and mud was everywhere. He wasn't kidding, he assured mouse. No one would see anything -- in case she felt shy. Slowly she began to undress, lifting and awkwardly shimmying about and out of her dress. He took her shoes too. Really?! The first words mouse had spoken to him since before dinner the previous night. He said nothing just remained stoic. He went around and opened the car door then he told her to crawl to the house.

It was humiliating, demeaning, horrifying and erotic. Inside the house he had her wait (it was freezing inside) while he unloaded the car. He found a towel in the linen closet and wiped the mud off her legs and hands. Then he reached into his bag and brought out a dog collar with a leash attached. He fastened it around mouse's neck.

The house was dusty and really needed a good thorough cleaning. He said that mouse was a terribly spoiled girl, cleaning people, clothing, freedom to do or say what she felt all ended now. Now she was his property and slave.

After he turned on the electricity, plugged in the refrigerator, he said he was going out to get firewood. He patted mouse's head and told her to clean the house while he was gone. He fashioned the rope from the collar allowing for limited movement with her hands and feet, but unless she freed herself she couldn't stand. There was no way she could retie the knots. She could reach the sink barely, the lower cabinets, the laundry somewhat...the floor of course and the cleaning supplies. Put a bucket in the sink and using a spatula turned on the water. In the linen closet our sheets and bedding were stored in plastic, so she could reach them. It took forever to make up the bed, dusted the furniture she could reach and even managed the vacuum. Transferring her weight to her butt she could scoot across the floor with a towel under her. Dusting the floor and getting around without killing her knees.

When Master Daddy returned with the firewood he laughed.

After that he did allow her to stand for which she shocked herself by thanking him. The first night, mouse just fell asleep, right after dinner. Master Daddy wrapped her in a blanket where she slept on the floor by the fireplace. Having him watch everything she did was making her a little crazy. When she went potty he watched. If she complained, like she did at first, he punished her with his belt.

In the morning, bright and early he woke mouse up, he used her mouth but didn't finish, instead he jerked himself and came on the floor which he told her to lick up. After, he had her cook breakfast for him. Scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh fruit (sliced apples, berries, grapes and mandarin orange) with yogurt. He fed mouse from his plate, and especially enjoyed the dance she did while cooking the bacon (a very rare treat for him). After breakfast more cleaning, a small break for a quick fuck, then back to work until lunch. Left over steak that he cooked the night before tossed in with salad.

For dinner he had mouse roast a chicken. The power went out, from a storm, so he lit some candles. Thankfully the oven was gas, and old, so it continued cooking even after the power was off, the vegetables she planned on sautéing were simply put on a cookie sheet and put into the oven. After dinner he had mouse lay on the kitchen table and dripped wax all over her body. He taught her some positions he wanted her to reacquaint herself with, standing properly, kneeling, presenting herself for use, and an inspection position. He whipped and marked her body too, which hasn't been in.....gosh a very long time. Later, he read to her a from a book (Screw the Roses, Give Me the Thorns) about slavery the consensual kind.

After we talked about what our relationship should really look like, of course Master Daddy loves controlling mouse but to be clear she does have the right to do certain things. Like at the grocery store, if he has his heart set on lamb chops and they're expensive but there's a special on something else, he said to go with something else. He said he trusts mouse to stay within the budget.

We spoke about other things, our family, how he really doesn't care if we always keep kosher (except for high holidays), and that his favorite time is lounging around with mouse on a lazy Saturday afternoon. He doesn't want to keep punishing mouse for the same things though. Hearing the disappointment register in his voice was heartbreaking for mouse to listen to. We discussed why it's been happening and what could be done to really make some changes.

He wanted mouse to go back to meditation, practice the mindfulness all the time, work on other aspects to calm herself. It had been an exhausting couple days for mouse. The cleaning had taken forever because of the restrictions to her movements he placed. That night we both fell asleep in front of the fireplace with mouse's leash wrapped in his hand.

In the morning after showering together and getting her butt reddened, followed by sucking cock, Master Daddy had mouse cook breakfast, clean up, then he watched while mouse practiced her slave positions. It was quite the workout actually, like cross between yoga and something else. He fed mouse some lunch, then he tied her up to a heavy piece of furniture. Clover clamps, cinnamon oil were all part of her torture. He told her how she should masturbate, which made her feel so slutty. He cooked dinner, mouse cleaned, read more from a book and watched as mouse just drifted to sleep. His voice was completely hypnotic.

The day's continued, with mouse not allowed to wear clothing, and eventually becoming rather comfortable nude. There was a peacefulness in mouse that hadn't been around for a while. You don't notice it's gone, until it returns and you realize how badly you missed it before. We also had many discussions about our future and this thing we do. He likes ownership in an absolute way, mouse likes being owned. But he's not a complete authoritarian, he does rely heavily on mouse to be honest with her thoughts. Also, it should be noted the way she was kept bound by the collar and his use of rope, mouse spent most of her resting time at his feet. There was no real way to sit. And it stirred feelings in her that she's still working out -- but overall enjoyed.

The night before we left, Master Daddy removed the dog collar and replaced it with her string of pearls, the one she stopped wearing because she was afraid the baby would grab them and ruin them. The baby is older now, so it's not such a concern. It made her cry, it's her collar. It's a weird symbol to her and always has been. He pulled mouse to him, scooping a fistful, of hair, and kissed her hard. Of course she melts when he does that.

In the morning after mouse got the house ready for our departure. Daddy unplugged the refrigerator, opened the doors, turned off the power, put the water on vacation mode, while mouse bagged up the bedding to bring home (to wash at home and we'll bring it back next time). Then Master Daddy let mouse dress. He had the dress she wore up laundered while we were there. Oddly when she put it on, it actually fit better than before. It had felt a teeny bit snug -- not bad, but still. After a week with no sugar, no bread, no cookies, no chips...she lost weight. Daddy always says that mouse should eat more fruit, vegetables and get more exercise.

There's so much more to say, but really must close for now.



  1. So pleased that you have had this time away to rediscover and re-establish what is important in your relationship on all levels. This girl takes much from your post xxx

  2. what a wonderful way to "re-connect"

    1. It was SugarSack. In the days that have followed our return to "reality" mouse feels a little more unsettled about it. It was at times difficult.

  3. So happy you had this time. We are very much in need is some thing similar.

    1. It's been well over a year, since we've truly had any "us" time for longer than a few hours. So, it was very nice, but it required a lot of stars and planets to align just right.

  4. I am so happy for y'all!


  5. We are both stretched so thin, and the Us doesn't have anymore to give - this made me melancholy and wishful- but very happy for the two of you. I know the feeling of the need. I hope it carries through for some time to come.

    1. Really, as hard as it was, it was worth the effort. But things really did have to align in just a way that we could do it.

      Hope you can find some time too -- it's so hard to carve out even a few minutes where you're not completely exhausted and ready to drop anyway.


  6. Hi Mouse, I'm so happy to hear you were able to spend time away together to re-group and re-discover what is important. Sounds as though it was fairly intense but wonderful and what you both needed.


    1. Roz, it was very intense and needed for both of us.

  7. This sounds wonderful and difficult all at once.

    1. Thank you! It was very difficult. The greater the distance, the more she realizes how hard it was. Many different emotions are coming out now. Seeing much more clearly that she's failed to submit.

  8. Beautiful time together. I can definitely see how this could reset one's brain.


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