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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


We have a few more questions to answers, so given that we are now in April, mouse is going to try to wrap them up.

Anonymous asked, "How is your Masters relationship with his other slave differ from yours and his? If you don't mind me asking"

No, mouse doesn't mind -- but to clarify Pet is not his slave and doesn't want to be. That might be the biggest difference. Also, recently mouse wrote a post on this, in case you missed it you can find it here.

Daisy asked, "Things like washing and chopping the lettuace up did your daddy enforce that or did you?"

Interesting question Daisy, the kitchen prep ideas came from a book Daddy bought for mouse called Home Comforts: The Art and Scince of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson. It made sense to do this, so mouse did. It's not a formal expectation, but it makes life easier when she does follow it.

In another question from L who asked, "Do you have any pets mouse?"

This question made mouse smile because Daddy would say we have too many and at times mouse might agree. Currently have three pets. Two dogs and a cat (technically the cat is the pet of one of the dogs). We have old man dog that has been with mouse before Daddy came to live with her. A guard dog that Daddy purchased that's highly trained and very protective of our family and the cat he adopted.

Sugarsack (love that name) asked about mouse's return to work: Based on your blog (which I realize isnt the whole of your life) you and Omega seemed very happy and content and even financially secure.... the recent return to work brings up this question in my mind... what was the reason ? was it strictly financial ? were you getting "bored" at home ? did Omega want you to return for other reasons ? and are you working with him ? or in a completely different company / industry ?

This one is a big question, so mouse will start this answer with this, money isn't the issue, it wasn't an easy decision, but it was made easier because baby girl was starting preschool. Yes, the former employer extended the offer, as business improved and again could benefit from mouse's help. Daddy agreed as long as certain conditions could be made and they were so mouse rejoined the land of the working. He worried that mouse was going back to the 100 hour work week and feeling hopeless. Once he was confident that wouldn't happen, he was happy to indulge mouse.

Daisy wanted to know about mouse's limits: Do you have any limits mouse or is it just the limits your Master sets for you?

This is a difficult question to answer. When we first got together in a real way, and began exploring our Master/slave relationship we did talk a lot about trust, likes and dislikes. We didn't really use the word "limits" just strong dislike. The only limit mouse can truly think of was his playing with others. It took a long time for mouse to realize that "limit" was about her own insecurity -- that internal hum that would say, "now you've let him find someone better, he's going to leave you." It took a long time and patience on Daddy's part to let mouse feel safe to not freak out over it and gradually accept it. Was it ever a true limit though, mouse doesn't really recall ever framing it that way. It was something she was, at the time, against.

There are things that were done to mouse that were abusive in the past, but Omega hasn't any interest in doing those things anyway. It should be noted that in the beginning of that time in mouse's life (alpha years) she didn't know limits were a thing! The idea that mouse could have said no never entered her mind. It sounds either very stupid or extremely trusting...but it was in fact ignorant.

Now, if mouse were starting out with someone she didn't know very well (this could mean also someone she sort of knows but doesn't know their Dom style), limits would certainly be open ended. You cannot predict everything and you start with a few that are super important (maybe body modifications), scat, or whatever completely grosses you out -- but leave the door open to add more as time passes. Because you just don't know. Be open to try things a few times, a good Dom who's paying attention will know if you're just not into something. Discuss honestly your feelings after too. Revisit the discussion days or even weeks after too -- because sometimes your feelings change.

There is another question about abuse that mouse will attempt soon to reply to.



  1. Thank you for answering my question - and thank you for liking my nick name - its a lifelong nick name, my grandfather called me Sugarsack from the day I was born.. so its been with me forever and holds special meaning in many ways.. :)

  2. Hi Mouse, these are great questions and I enjoyed reading your answers. I love your answer about limits, some great advice.

    I remember previously reading about old man dog and the cat being the dog's pet, that part made me smile :)


  3. Your guard dog adopted a cat?! Wow, how sweet :)


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