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Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Questions

Someone and I apologize, as the name escapes me at the moment, about my vision of slavery and about my favorite rule. I shall endeavor to address the latter before tackling the former. My favorite rule is "obey" it is my only true rule.

The former question, I considered many variables and possible ways to reply. Had mouse asked, it is very possible that my answer would seem off-putting. "Not an appropriate query slave." I do not say, I would not answer such a question only that it is extremely difficult to put into words. My overall vision of slavery has altered considerably during my time with mouse.

To appreciate my current vision, one would need to understand my past motives. That is too tedious to explain. For the sake of brevity, I suppose that I expect compliance. I expect to be reasonably in control. A slave of mine, engaged in my service, will expect to lose some of her autonomy. It need not be frightening, as I consider myself to be level-headed and place the slave's well-being high on my personal priority list. I require a certain sexual fulfillment and level of play from a slave that might appear one-sided but mutually acceptable and well within preestablished parameters.

I remain uncertain how helpful my reply was, I suppose one might file this under the tag, Dom Logic.

Another reader inspired query is about my relationship with pet. Pet is a submissive female who wishes to explore her burgeoning submission in a safe environment. To contrast, Mouse is always my slave regardless if we are together or have a physical distance. Pet has rules which pertain only to the negotiated scene and I respect her limits. Beyond that my pet is free to do as she will.

I want to be clear, there is no chance for a true polyamory situation since none are interested in such an arrangement.

I hold in extreme high regard and remain astutely respectful also of mouse, who while accepting this for what it is, remains somewhat fragile about the details. She has stated that she does not wish to have intimate knowledge of my dealings with pet. Pet, while taking a general interest in my dynamic with mouse does not feel dissimilar, and will on rare occasion pose a rather vague question or more often just offer an observation based solely on the journal.



  1. Hi Omega, it's great to see you post here. I enjoyed reading your perspective.


  2. That was me Omega!

    Thank you for answering, it's so great to get an insight from you :)

  3. I also enjoyed your perspective, however, I now have questions I didn't have before I read this post!

    1. I will ask, but please know, I do not expect answers and am perfectly fine letting my imagination answer for you. :)

      How has your vision of slavery changed, from then to now? (I know you said it would be tedious to explain so, again, you don't have to answer!) I'm not only interested in how, but even more so with why? I know mouse is very special to you, which I assume would be the foundation of the change, but there's bound to be more to it than that. Did your needs/wants change or did they adjust more to mouse's needs/wants? Was is something you envisioned or was it more of a surprise?

      As for pet, I can't help but wonder what you think about mouses' change in attitude? She said in her post (I believe it was the first about this subject) that you called to say you were going to be late getting home, she knew what you were going to do and told you to have a good time (something along those lines)...what went through you head in that moment?

    2. Misty,

      Whilst I would commonly assert fostering emotions such as love in the submissive or slave is important to the Dominant, I felt the opposite were true in the reverse.

      A submissive or slave might need to believe she loves one she serves, a Dominant is not required to love them. You can certainly care, worry, nurture, correct, direct and punish without "loving" them.

      Mouse was different and (I believed) unattainable. When she left, years ago, it was due to my actions. When we reconnected, quite on accident, we were cautious. Her possibly more so than I, understandable.

      Coming together, as we had was a pleasant surprise. While I did not compromise what I require in a slave I did adapt those goals to what would best work with mouse. My reality far exceeds my vision.

      After more than a year of rebuilding her mental health and other issues, I sensed innately that she would eventually come around to "pet" and I went very slow with it. Classical conditioning, demonstrating to her world would not crumble if I spent time with another submissive woman.

      While I hoped she would accept this eventually, mouse never ceases to amaze me. I will not make excuses or tell her lies. My omissions regarding my whereabouts were obvious, however when she did say to 'have a good time,' I stared at my phone for several minutes before replying. No words feel right to describe what I felt. Pride, shock, surprise all somewhat applicable, yet failing to capture that moment.

      In retrospect, overwhelming respect for the amount of trust she unconditionally placed in me comes as close to any word. I respect her and appreciate better than most what it must have taken for her to type those few words and yet convey so much to me.

      Be well,

    3. What a lovely surprise to see your answers. Thank you, my curiosity has been sated. :)


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