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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Power to Charm

Alternant title: When mouse finds her focus.

The other night he had mouse splayed out across the bed, a plug inside her bottom and a vibe resting against her slit. The vibrations made her woozy feeling as he worked her breasts. Slowly torturng them, then teasing them alternating in no particular pattern. He punished her for sneaking out an orgasm without his consent, naturally he'd warned several times that would helppen, so it wasn't a surprise when he brought out the cinnamon and applied it to soft areas, then watched with some delight as she writhed.

"Splendid purchase." He chuckled.

At that moment mouse hated him -- just a little bit and told him so, serveral times.

Daddy has an odd thing he requires of mouse, he doesn't allow her to touch him with her hands or fingers. At first, mouse considered the reasons why he did this, since whenever she's asked he'd only tell her it wasn't appropriate to ask. So rather than become caught in an endless loop, instead the question stopped and acceptance of his wish settled in.

Now, in those odd times where she does request permission to touch him and he replies that she may, she seems to enjoy those moments more than ever before. It's like chocolate to her. A special treat that isn't often enough indulged. That's why the next evening when mouse begged permission to touch him and he approved the request she instantly became overjoyed. The problem was since the last time she asked, and rebuffed by him, she hadn't considered what she would do.

Running her fingers across his chest, mouse couldn't really think, just focused on his body. He was laying on his back, with his eyes closed, relaxed as she moved her fingers over his skin. The salt and pepper chest hairs, made her giggle as she kissed and touched and moved her hands slowly down his torso. His cock twitched as she moved lower and fingers began to explore it. His cock is pretty. Of course, there are probably many other words mouse should use to describe it. But to her it's like artwork. A museum quality piece if there ever was one.

Carefully using her hands spread his legs a bit, almost cautiously, as she explored with her fingers, his inner thighs. The strong need to just crawl inside him was overwhelming at that moment, so when her tongue flicked at his balls, his cock sprang to life. Eventually though Master Daddy ended her fun by seizing control and taking her by the hair and guiding her take him all.

Should have known the Sadist Dom couldn't allow mouse too much fun.



  1. I giggled a little when you said Omega's cock was museum quality. ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, while reading one of your recent posts, I was wondering, "I wonder if she's still not allowed to touch O." And then I wondered if not touching him was even a requirement or if I'd made that up in my mind. So I thank you for this post!

  3. This sounds awesome Mouse, glad you got to use your hands :)



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