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Friday, April 8, 2016

There's Something to Any Day

We were up too late last night, talking about the blog, the answering of a few questions that we still need to answer. Daddy said he was asked a couple questions and will try to write something this weekend. That was a huge surprise for mouse.

He also said that mouse's behavior had been excellent -- not a huge surprise since we've only been back a week. We talked of many things last week and this week as well. The slave on sojourn idea is working out quite well for mouse. Also having back the pearls helped as a reminder.

Daddy decided to play with mouse a little (which is also why were up so late). When he finished giving mouse a few long strokes with his belt, mouse kissed his hand. Not sure why she did it, but it just felt right.

Long after play ended and but still with sleep not yet claiming us, we talked more. Why did mouse kiss his hand after? Daddy was curious, had she read it somewhere? Really, mouse didn't think so (but it's possible). He admitted he liked it. He liked it too the first time mouse did it while away too. Might be a new thing.

We need to do some house projects this coming weekend and other obligations. The summer house seemed to have inspired us. There's also a lot of stuff we want to do there too. Probably good to go there, had we just made our summer trip we wouldn't have thought about it until we got there. Then it's a little too late.


  1. Hi Mouse, this sounds wonderful, even if not much sleep was had. Talking is good. Good on you with the good behaviour comment, looking forward to reading Omega's answers.

    I get tbe kissing the hand thing. I used to do it too and like you, it just felt right. He knew that when I did that I was feeling my submission (if that makes sense).


    1. Thanks Roz! Yes, it does make sense. :)


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