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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Sounds of Silence

A friend wondered if mouse still wakes Daddy by sucking him, and then wondered how he'll get along without it. Yes, mouse does and Daddy said he would manage somehow.. Recently, maybe because of all the impending change, mouse has begun to need to be super close to him and has started again to suck him at night. Sleeping with her on him or close to him.

We began filling a few boxes with things we don't use, of course the moment it's packed, mouse feels she needs it.

On Sunday mouse woke and couldn't find any of the magic morning wake-up juice, known commonly to most as coffee. After ripping the kitchen to shreds mouse grabbed her car keys and drove to the local coffee shop. When she returned home, there on a shelf in the garage sat a bag of coffee beans.

Apparently in mouse's case lack of coffee causes temporary blindness.

Naturally she confessed the whole thing to Daddy when he woke up. Naturally she was punished -- because she left the house without telling him. What if she had gotten into an accident? Also, she didn't pick up a newspaper, which even though it's a dying thing, it's the one thing he truly enjoys, blow jobs aside.

Meanwhile the countdown continues. It's been difficult.

Submission and slavery to Daddy is usually quite simple, even with all his "Expectations", it's rarely felt difficult. Sure there have been times when mouse has struggled, being honest about aspects of her, past and present, things haven't always been easy for Daddy -- or for mouse.

We did discuss, we made the pro and con lists, we moved slowly and carefully, and now we're at the point where all Daddy can do is ask that mouse humbly submit herself to this. And that's when she began balking. It's like putting something into a box she uses maybe twice a year and suddenly having second thoughts about it. Because there just might be a cannoli emergency.

The other day she packed away some guest towels, and thought, what if we need those? An emergency guest that needs to have homemade cannoli! What if we have an unexpected cold snap, and need to the ice scraper or snow shoes?

Of course we can't just forget the packing, there's far too much to just wait and it's highly unlikely there's going to be an unexpected cannoli and guest towel demanding visitor, bearing flowers. That's a good thing because the vases are packed in the box under the cannoli forms and guest towels.


  1. regardless of all the talking and planning change is hard.. I totally understand the possible cannoli guest towel emergency... I am the same way

    off subject question : I realize its well past March but a question occurred to me while reading your post : Do you have any "real life" friends who know the full dynamic you two share ? you have mentioned Lucy and Schroeder but I didnt get the impression they were "lifestyle" friends. Are all your friends vanilla and your personal life/ kinks kept totally separate ?

    just wondering, of course you have no obligation to answer, even if it was still March :)

    best wishes with the packing


    1. SS,

      Great question, and since mouse can't find the post (cause there's over a thousand of them), she'll just explain it here Lucy and Schroeder are the only friends who do know about our lifestyle.

      Lucy had "ideas" about it years ago (we've been friends forever), but being a great friend kept them to herself, mostly. She sat with mouse during the post alpha years.

      It also, just now, occurred to mouse that "Pet" knows as well, but doesn't travel in our exact social circle she does know some people we know.

      The rest of our friends haven't a clue. They tend to view mouse as terribly old fashioned doting on Daddy. *shrug*.

      Are they all vanilla tjhough? Really, mouse often wonders, then she wonders if they wonder about us....

      That whole thing gives her a headache!


  2. awww mouse...temporary blindness and canoli emergencies! lol.
    change is hard.
    sending you hugs and good thoughts. :)

  3. Well, I've come to talk with you again...

    Moving is hard, especially with all the changes that you two will go through, but you're strong, mouse! At least you can take comfort in knowing that if it doesn't work out, your house is just out on lease??

    Mmmmmm, cannolis! My hips are screaming no, but I'm drooling. ;)

    1. Yes, Misty, the idea is that we could return -- if it really doesn't work out.

      Knowing this does help, but who wants to move again?


  4. Hi Mouse, I totally agree with the above comments. Despite all the discussion, planning etc change is hard and moving is stressful. Hang in there.


    1. Change is a bitch Roz...the only thing that somewhat helps is to dip it in chocolate and douse it with tequila.

  5. Chocolate and tequila - I am sure there would be a spanking somewhere in there. Lol
    A good sense of humor will help with the stress of moving. If someone stops by to visit, put them to work packing and make a quick run to the store to buy some cannolis.
    I hope things settle down and that the stress of moving lessens.

  6. I can completely understand that worry that there might be some sort of emergency need for items that have packed away. I am going through all of the belongings in my apartment and packing away that things that I have not used for some time. I am constantly rethinking those items.


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