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Monday, May 30, 2016


Omega gave mouse a list, of course, but she hadn't gotten very far when he suddenly showed up at home. He hadn't given much instruction, do the regular chores and fill four boxes. The boxes were put together and the bottom taped the way he showed her to do this, but they were still empty.

He wasn't happy about that either. What was his slave up to all day anyway? Well, mouse stammered out a list, she'd gone shopping, went to the dry cleaners, dropped some more things for charity. He stopped mouse and asked where the donation slip was. It was on the table, but mouse hadn't yet filled it out. He slapped her bottom hard, which of course made her flustered and moist. Seriously?!

His little interrogation continued, filling out the card himself. Asking about contents, numbers of items, all which mouse answered. Then he said,"You realize that in three weeks the movers will arrive, will you still be placing items into boxes then?" Another slap to her bottom, and mouse set off to work on the hutch. It was silly to keep those things out, since they are decorative -- but yet, mouse was balking. Maybe it just feels too real?

When the boxes were filled, the hutch emptied, there was a sense of accomplishment. He's feeling stress too, mouse needs to remind herself of that and he wasn't really angry -- just never lets an opportunity to punish mouse's backside.

This week the goal is to somewhat finish packing. All the things we won't need for a few weeks will go into boxes. Music, movies and things like that -- a few movies will be left out, but Frozen has already been packed. June is looming....



  1. It's worth it when it's over but man, this part of the process STINKS!
    I feel ya.
    (But boy, will you be glad O. helped you stay on top of it.) :-)

  2. mouse,
    my bottom sympathizes with you. lol
    however, I wish for every move that H wasn't there, I had someone like Omega pushing me to pack a few boxes everyday and held me accountable daily. and of course I miss being spanked. :(
    I'll be moving back up there(you know where) 1 year from this month. I almost feel like I should start packing now.
    this time, no H, just me.
    it gets more real everyday.
    but I've missed island life, and now as a single woman, who knows what will happen.
    thinking about you & the family everyday.

  3. I hate packing. But I hate unpacking more. Good luck!

  4. Sounds like Omega is keeping you on your toes and making sure everything gets done. I hate packing and unpacking again too. Good luck for the next three weeks.


  5. I wish I'd had someone keeping me on my toes a few months ago when I moved... wasn't even done packing everything when the movers got there... He is wise to keep on you! You'll get it done, don't worry :)


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