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Monday, June 13, 2016

One is the Loneliest Number

This is it, the last full week, everything is nearly packed away, Daddy has moved the last of his things to where he'll be staying and we all feel like we're already living out of suitcases. Tensions were running high last week, but now things have settled down. Some clothing can remain in the dressers, which is somewhat helpful since we don't need to bring every stitch of clothing we own, yet, mouse needs to be sure we have enough. The new washer and dryer were installed last week and yes, mouse did an eanie meanie miney moe, with paint colors.

Over the weekend we packed away the remaining kitchen pots and pans, saving a few that mouse will be needing and have mostly emptied the fridge. The next few days will be mostly take out meals or cold sandwiches, eggs...

We put a cooler into mouse's car, that will be filled with some food stuffs we'll need for the trip. Honestly, at this point mouse really does want the whole thing over. Yet there's some excitement over all this and once things settle down it'll be great.


  1. Good luck with the last week Mouse, it will soon be over and you can settle in. Moving is so stressful.


  2. what an adventure mouse!
    I hope you and the family have a safe move.
    hugs honey, it's almost over.

  3. Good luck Mouse dealing with your move. Its always a stressful time. Hope it goes smoothly.
    Hugs Lindy

  4. It will be better than great... it will be marvelous! Hang in there!

  5. It's almost over. Hang in there and may the actual moving day be filled with excitement and fun and not so much stress!

  6. Moving is very stressful. Good luck this week Mouse. Wishing you happy times in your new home.


  7. Wishing you and your Master the best of luck. I hope you're back to blogging soon.

    Thoughts and blessings,
    Master and His slave

  8. How did it go?

    Did the piano make it?! Have you already unpacked enough to find the stuff to make cannolis? How did the windows and paint turn out?

    More importantly, did all of you survive?!? ;)

    Hope all is well!

  9. Hope all went well and you're starting to settle into your home.

  10. Hope you're enjoying the new home.



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